Can You Actually Make Money From Sports Betting Bonuses?

Thanks to the rise of modern technologies, sports betting as we know it, is slowly becoming a thing. In the past, conventional sports betting was the only option for those who wanted to place a bet on their favorite team, match or player. This type of betting is still somewhat present but it’s been replaced with a much more convenient option and that option is — online sports betting. Why is it better than the conventional option? Not only is it more accessible, more profitable, and offers a huge variety of betting options, but it is also more exciting, more fun, and much easier to navigate, compared to the traditional sports betting routines.

Is sports betting legal?

This is a very common question when it comes to sports betting. The very activity was stigmatized for a long time and sports enthusiasts almost had to hide their sports betting habit, or at least keep it to themselves, because it wasn’t accepted by society. Combined with the fact that people who wanted to indulge in this activity didn’t have online options available as we do today, it’s easy to understand why only certain individuals dared to actually participate in betting games. However, betting and gambling on sports have been around for decades. From betting on horses in horse races at the beginning of the 20th century, to baseball games and college football, gambling on sports used to be called one of the fastest-growing industries, although the name for this was interactive wagering, since it sounded too illegal to call it gambling. And we are speaking about the middle of the 20th century! Luckily for us, many states and countries have recognized the potential this industry has, and have legalized sports betting.

It’s legal and it’s accessible


Considering the fact that there is no concern about the legality of this activity anymore — not everywhere, but in more countries and states than ever, this industry has shown a massive increase in popularity, just like it did in the twentieth century. Only now, it’s a much higher spike. This is great news for all the sports enthusiasts and fanatics who can now place bets anytime and anywhere, thanks to the numerous technological innovations and sports advice provided by professionals like Doc’s Sports Service. Furthermore, there’s a significant and constant increase in profits too, which is why sports betting and sportsbooks have become a very competitive market. As a result, more and more websites and platforms intend to attract new customers and users and more importantly — to keep them in the system for a long period of time. Other than amazing visuals, the versatility of games, user-friendly interface and easy access, the creators of these platforms offer the most important thing for both new and regular bettors — bonuses!

What can you count on if you decide to sign up?


Before you indulge in the online and offline sportsbooks world, it’s important to do your research and find out as much as you can about all the types of bonuses and promotions these websites have to offer. This way you’ll be familiar with all the free stuff you can get solely from registering or signing up to a website, or from being a loyal user who gambles on sports regularly, using the same platform. Why do they offer promotions anyway? Since it’s become an extremely competitive industry, online sportsbooks and their creators constantly need to figure out the ways to attract or win people over — and become more successful than their competitors. This situation is a fantastic opportunity for you, since you can choose the best conditions for yourself and take advantage of all their offerings.

But can you really make money from sports betting bonuses?


If you play smart, you can. By playing smart, we mean — doing your research, reading the small letters on each website, searching for their licence and making sure it didn’t expire, reading the sportsbooks reviews and checking out the rankings, talking to other sports bettors, especially the ones who are more experienced and finally — taking it slow. You can also use strategies like arbitrage betting and matched betting that can help you to extract small profits from different types of bonuses. The Bet Types website has a good guide to matched betting that you can read here

It’s all about choosing the best sportsbook available. After you’ve chosen the website according to your preferences, you will have a plethora of bonuses to choose from. On websites such as you can expect:

1. Welcome bonuses

This is a bonus you get for registering on the website. This gives you the opportunity to place a couple of first bets, without having to use your own money. If you win something, it becomes yours. You can also get a 100% return on your first deposit, but it comes with certain wagering requirements.

2. Weekly cash prizes

If you are a regular player, you can expect to win some of the weekly prizes if you become a part of certain races. This can go up to several thousands of dollars.

3. Friday reload bonuses

If you deposit your money on certain days, you can expect a 50, 100 or even 200% bonus on the amount of money you deposited. This is a fantastic option so plan your betting according to the days when you can get a reward.

4. Free spins

Everyone can benefit from free spins! You have nothing to lose but you can get a lot. The way it functions is that if you bet on specific games of the day, you get a couple of free spins and more logically – more chances to win.

5. Free gifts

Some sportsbooks have their own gift shops and depending on your winnings you can get original products from famous brands as a reward.

6. Bonuses for lost bets

Losing bonuses are great for breaking the bad cycle of losses. They are oftentimes lower than the other bonuses, and they cover one or two bets, just to help you stay in the game. These bonuses can be given both in money and in virtual currencies in order to prevent players from further losses.

7. Bonuses for betting on specific leagues

If you enroll in specific tournaments or leagues, you can expect to receive a bonus, no matter how the game turned out, and whether you lost or won the game. This is a cool option since it keeps you up to date with everything that’s going on.

Sportsbook bonuses are a fantastic place to start. They offer you some cool opportunities to motivate you and help you understand the game. During the betting process, they also help you recover or they reward you for your loyalty. However, the rest is up to you. You have to create winning strategies, tactics and you have to be patient. Good luck!