Maintenance Tips for your Essential Oil Diffuser

Using a diffuser in your home is a great way to disperse your favorite scent of essential oil all around your home. In that way, you can enhance the overall atmosphere in the house, and make it appear fresher, more enjoyable, and smell incredible. Very few people know about the positive health benefits of essential diffusers for the overall health and well-being of the individual. The enjoyable scent of lavender or some other opiate aroma can influence relaxing your body and mindset. It is highly important to maintain your diffuser in the right way, so it can keep working efficiently.

Many people are struggling with cleaning their essential oil diffuser. You can place your favorite oil in the diffuser to enjoy it and the other day, you can be completely disappointed because you do not know how to clean it and put some other oil. However, every time you decide to put another oil, you must clean out the previous essential oil. The diffusers are very handy and practical, but they do not come with an easy way to clean and wipe them out.

However, it is very important to understand that if you fail to maintain your essential oil you can shorten the lifespan of that diffuser to a huge level. This will lead to expensive repair bills or even a replacement of this device. Therefore, the wisest decision would be to clean the diffuser regularly and you will not have to worry about whether on not it is operating in the right way. In this article, you are going you find everything you should know about maintaining the diffuser, so let’s begin!

What is an Essential Oil Diffuser?


Before we start, the people that did not have a chance to invest in an essential oil diffuser yet should know what it represents. This type of diffuser is a special appliance where you are adding drops of essential oils. In that way, you can achieve the goal of making your home smell wonderful without using any chemicals. Despite that, you will get the aromatherapy benefits that will depend on the oil you select.

Do you really need to clean your diffuser after every use?

Maybe you have read in the instructions, that it is advisable to clean the diffuser after every use, so you are wondering whether is this step necessary. Generally, even though it seems like an excessive and time-consuming task at first glance to do this, especially if you are using a diffuser on a daily bases, you should know that regular cleaning is essentinal for the efficient diffuser operation. If you avoid maintaining your diffuser according to the manufacturer’s instructions, you will soon find out that your diffuser lost its effectiveness and performance.

Therefore, it is recommendable to empty the remaining water and essential oil from the appearance after each use. After that, you should wipe it with a clean cloth ensuring that it is completely dry and then store your diffuser. Despite the regular cleaning, you should also know that once a month you should clean your diffuser deeply with vinegar or some other things. So, just make a habit out of it fully emptying the water and oil after every use and give the appliance a good clean. You have the option to choose a special Seasons Life oil diffuser no water kind.

The benefits of diffuser maintenance


We understand that it can look like an unnecessary task to clean the diffuser, especially to do that every single day. Because of that, we decided to mention some of the benefits of maintaining your device and keeping it in the best possible condition.

You will prevent corrosion of the diffuser

Some types of essential oils including citronella, lemongrass, etc can be corrosive because of their high acidity levels. This means that if you leave them in the diffuser after use, they are going to damage your device. Because of that, it is highly important to clean the diffuser after every use and prevent corrosion condition.

You can prolong the diffuser lifespan


When you take care of something and maintain it regularly, you can ensure that you are going to prolong its life. The same goes for this device. Basically, essential oils can easily build up and cause blockages in the diffuser mechanisms. When you clean it regularly, you can avoid the occurrence of this scenario.

You can improve the aroma of essential oils

Many types of essential oils are having a high level of viscosity and they can leave behind residue in the diffuser, even though you empty the device and refill it. You should know that this leftover residue can affect the scent of the next oil you put in the diffuser. At the same time, you will not be able to fully enjoy that new scent and get full benefits from it.

Top tips for maintaining your diffuser


Now, let’s talk about some of the top tips for getting the most out of your diffuser. Primarily, you should remember to unplug the device before you clean it. Fill the diffuser half way with clean water. After that, you should add ten drops of pure white vinegar. The vinegar is going to help you by removing the oils that are stuck inside the device and on the pieces of plastic or glass.

The next step is to let the diffuser run for five minutes because in that period the water-vinegar mixture will spread throughout the whole device and clean it. Your next duty is to drain your device properly. You can use a cotton swab and dip it in vinegar and clean all the tight corners of the device. This will ensure that there are no sports left dirty. Finally, you can rinse the diffuser with clean water. The last thing you should do is to take some dry cloth or more cotton swabs to wipe the device and dry it comprehensively. Try this out and you will be able to enjoy your essential oil diffuser to the fullest!