How to Locate Lost Android Phone Using Android Device Manager

In one of our previous post we shared with you about how you can trace your lost mobile with IMEI number but it’s always better to secure your phone first.

Well in this year end the tech market really collected accolades in the year 2013. From launch of many flagships devices/smartphones to various useful apps, tech market continued to achieve and grasps the best. Among those was the Android Device Manager app by Google which is downloadable from Google Play Store for no cost and is used to locate lost android phone. This app can be used on the Android devices which are ambling on Android 2.3 Gingerbread version or higher.

Android Device Manager App was announced by Google through its page Android Google+. This app allows users to ring their phones with the maximum volume so that they are able to locate lost android phone even if they are kept on the silence mode. It also allows users to locate lost android phone in realtime via maps.

Furthermore, Android Device Manager App also allows users to protect the details which are stored on tablet or android phone by just adding a screen lock to the device or the users can erase the contents by resetting the factory details.

Don’t Hurry! Web Version is the Main Feature, have a look at it first then will continue about later steps:

The web version of the app was announced by Google in August 2013. Remarkably, Blackberry, Microsoft and Apple are offering these utilities via BlackBerry Protect, Find My Phone and Find My iPhone respectively which further allow users to locate lost android phone.

Android device manager app further allows users to locate lost android phone under the same roof as well. If users are unable to find their misplaced phone then it is the phone’s battery which is not allowing the users to locate lost android phone or tablet.


  • Click on Google settings
  • Select Android Device Manager
  • Select from two options: – a) Locate device remotely and b) Allow factory reset and remote lock

Here are the steps which users need to follow to locate lost android phone: –

  • Open your browser on your PC and head towards Choose My Devices page if you are using Google Apps account.

Note: If you are opening this for the first time then you will need to accept android device manager policy first in order to begin further as you can find in below screenshot:

  • Login with Gmail account which is further attached with your lost android phone.
  • Directed towards the new UI of new Google Maps.
  • Locate lost android phone with a blip which is seen on the map (if android device is on).
  • Dropdown menu for multiple android users.

Users can even hide the devices from Google Play Store, then the android phone or tablet will not appear in Android Device Manager. You can customize Hide/Show settings by Google Play settings under visibility options.

Google Android Device Manager App will surely get better and better with time and it is purely a value-added service from Google for its users. This app works faster with the multiple android users via security features it contained. This app allows users to locate lost android phone which can further allow them to contact the person for making arrangements for a return. Users can download the app from Google Play Store.