Legal Status of Gambling in India in 2024

Gambling and sports betting have long been one of the ways for people to relax, but also to earn extra money. However, more and more people are opting for online casinos, and the reasons for this are multiple. In addition to being able to play from anywhere and save time, bonuses are often higher than in land casinos. Anyway, this is one way to get away from your daily routine. While some people prefer to opt for slots or some of the card games, others prefer to focus on sports betting.

We need to know that the laws regarding gambling are not the same in all states. If we talk about Scandinavian countries, we must know that gambling is almost completely prohibited, that is, online gambling is allowed only if you play in two licensed providers, while offline gambling is almost completely prohibited, with two companies providing gambling services. Until 10 years ago, Norwegians found a way out of betting at foreign online casinos, but now they are also denied it.


In Russia, gambling is banned across the country, although it is still possible to find some places for this type of entertainment. When we talk about countries where gambling reaches the peak of its popularity, let’s say that these are individual American countries, the state of Monaco in Europe, the United Kingdom, and many other countries. It is interesting that in Malta the state even gives incentives to those who want to open a casino.

Let’s now see what the situation is in India when it comes to the legality of gambling. Gambling was popular in ancient and colonial India and has continued in modern India as well. Laws on the legality of gambling depend on the laws of individual states. For example, the state of Goa has legalized casinos such as two other countries – Daman and Sikkim. Generally, in India, you could end up behind bars for attending gambling, although laws vary from state to state. There is also a categorization of games, and these are games of chance gambling. However, there are not many casinos in these countries. If we take the state of Goa as an example, we will say that there are six land and four “floating” casinos. We call floating casinos that work on the river. In general, India is a country with a huge population of more than a billion people. Therefore, there is a multitude of people in India who enjoy gambling all over that Indian region. In India, sports betting is very common and well-known among the peoples of India, and even they show great love for gambling.


Despite the celebrated casinos in India, there are some exceptions in the way of legalization. Much of the legislation in India relating to gambling is old-fashioned and decided vaguely. Basically, because of this, it is quite difficult for Indians to determine things that are legal and what are not.

In recent years, this topic has been the subject of debate among the people of India without any progress. The main fact is that gambling is linked to legislation at both the state and federal levels, and that makes it quite confusing. Moreover, in this article, we will explore the topic of how best we can try to look at the issue of gambling legislation and India.

Is online gambling allowed?

Again, we have to mention that each state has its laws, but also that in some countries you could pay a pretty big fine if you get caught in online gambling. Those fines reach Rs 90,000 per day.


There is one interesting thing when it comes to India and gambling when it comes to the fact that although gambling is illegal in most Indian countries and therefore online advertising is banned, there are offshore companies that have their companies that focus on Indian players. However, foreign casinos still have to meet one condition to enter this promotion, and that is to include rupees in the means of payment. You can read more about this on

In the last 10 years, India has become increasingly popular when it comes to gambling, and research has shown that as many as 80% of residents taste their luck at least once a year in one of the games of chance, or sports betting. Still, a figure of 60% tells us that most of them are betting illegally.

The only games that enjoy complete legality throughout India when it comes to betting are horse races and lotteries. However, locals can only bet on local races on the track itself, juice for foreign races can only be bet on foreign online bookmakers. If we talk about sports betting, it is known that Indians value field hockey, although we cannot say with the claim that it is the national sport of the country. Besides, they like to follow cricket as fans, but also as gamblers. In addition to these sports, tennis, which has become very popular in the betting world, is also popular. The fact that gambling is still in the gray zone in India has brought many benefits to casino operators as they have the opportunity to attract the second largest population in the world.


Another thing that goes in favor of online casinos is that they can be accessed from anywhere, as well as being available 24/7. Also, online casinos very often have better payouts because, unlike land casinos, they have no costs associated with renting space, paying workers, bills, and other expenses. Also, each new player has the opportunity to win a bonus as a sign of welcome. By playing online, not only do you save your time, but you can access any game with just one click. These are more than good reasons to play online, right?


Therefore, there are no precise laws and regulations for legal gambling in India. However, if you have a desire to use a gambling site. Then you need to make sure that the site is completely reliable. You even have to remember and know about the gambling spot accepted by Indian customers.