itCraft App Development Service – Let Professionals Design And Create Apps For Your Business

Developing mobile applications has become one of the key steps to building a brand, increasing revenue, and improving the credibility and reputation of a service or company. For the sake of helping your business grow, we are going to discuss how an app development service can affect your sales and success. itCraft is a well-known mobile app development company from Poland that specializes in creating custom applications for businesses in different niches and industries. Read on to learn more about their services and how to take the next step towards developing a mobile app for your business.

Why Do Businesses Need Mobile Apps

As we all know, the course of running a business has changed tremendously in the last couple of years. Thanks to advanced technological improvements, we are now looking at businesses from a whole new perspective. Today’s companies need to adapt to rapidly changing trends in the society, as well as adapt to many technological changes that are slowly shaping a brand new idea of business and success. Mobile devices have become the go-to solutions in our daily life.

These devices assist us in numerous activities, from staying in touch with our friends and families to looking up different businesses and activities in our area. Mobile platforms are now getting far more exposure than desktop websites, which is a sign for businesses to adapt to the changing market and find ways to tap into the enormous source of customers in the mobile sphere. In other words, creating a mobile application can benefit a business in numerous ways, from increasing revenue and obtaining new customers to staying one step ahead of the competition and increasing popularity and positive reputation.

Professional Service for App Development

Based in Poland, itCraft offers effective app development solutions at highly competitive prices. Their teams of professional engineers specialize in creating custom business applications for healthcare, logistics, transport, and other niches, as well as social applications, mobile commerce solutions and apps for startups and entrepreneurs. In other words, whatever idea you have in mind, the itCraft engineers will make it happen.

Thanks to their unique approach to app development, these experts have created some of the best mobile apps on the market. Their motto when it comes to building apps is to “begin with the end in mind,” meaning they always take time to plan your software or application development process while setting goals and defining the finished product. With the clear idea of the finished product in mind, they implement plans and strategies in the most effective way to create just the kind of application you are looking for.

Before initiating the development process, professional software engineers will analyze your requirements and suggest changes and solutions that will best fit your project. Even after you come to an agreement as to what the application should look like, the experts at itCraft will work with you every step of the way to ensure your ideas and suggestions are included in the process. Thanks to such an individualized approach to each project, they are able to make adjustments along the way to create an application that suits all your needs and requirements.

Unlike many other app development services, itCraft offers after-service maintenance, meaning they provide continuous support even after your application has been developed. Therefore, in case you come across any issues and obstacles along the way, their team of professionals will provide the necessary help and support. They also offer mobile marketing assistance where their marketing team designs and implements proper advertising strategies for your application. Professional advertising will help you drive more users to the new application.

Last but not least, when it comes to pricing, the company offers a flat rate of 40 Euros per man-hour. However, each app building process is different, depending on the kind and size of the application you need built. Therefore, some companies might need more or less services in order to have their requirements met. That is why itCraft offers three pricing options that differ in cost range, features and services. Once you determine the size of your project, you can choose between Basic (3,000 to 10,000 Euros estimated price), Standard (10,000 to 25,000 Euros estimated price), and Premium service (25 000+ estimated price).

Get Started With Your App Development Process

If you wish to initiate the process or talk to professional engineers first, head over to the itCraft website to contact the company. You can then discuss the advantages of investing in a business application, as well as state your requirements and make further plans. We recommend you to take a look at their site and learn more about how a mobile application can grow your business!