The Impact Of Technology On Consumerism

With the rapid development in the field of science technology, the domain of technology and consumerism has come very close to each other, because anything involving technology has a great impact on the interests of consumers. From morning to night, we are surrounded by things based on technology and smartphone is the biggest example of it. Technology has changed our lives entirely to such an extent that from ordering food to studying online everything can be done with the help of technology. Suffice it to say, that our life is incomplete without technology and we will be unable to complete most of the basic works in our day-to-day life. Either they will become impossible to perform or will consume so much time that their efficiency will be lost. A rational consumer will be inclined towards the seller who will offer him more better choices. So here are some technology-based products which have had a great impact on consumerism.

Mobile Technology


The biggest transformation in the field of technology was brought by the advent of mobile. They not only became a medium to transmit a message from one place to another but were also useful for the purpose of knowing more and more about the technology and what changes can be brought in technology. The market of mobile has expanded to such an extent that more than 70% of people of the world have access to a smartphone. And there are more than 100 sellers who are selling their smartphones and are competing with each other on this platform. Some of them in the camera segment, some in price segment but the main motive of all these sellers is to ensure that the interests of consumers are taken care of which is ultimately enhancing consumerism.

The Proliferation of Credit Cards

Carrying a huge amount of cash was neither safe nor convenient for any person. It actually became a hectic job to carry cash every time and in order to deal with this, the credit cards were introduced. The introduction of credit cards brought a revolution in the field of technology as it made most of the day to day payments a cakewalk which ultimately led to the benefit of consumers. Various offers were also there to attract consumers towards the use of credit cards. And it made a great impact in the life of consumers. Suffice it to say, that it laid down the path for the introduction of online payment which is a commonplace now.

Internet Things


The biggest revolution in the field of technology is brought with the advent of the internet; courtesy Google Microsoft. The Internet has now become an indispensable part of our daily life. From communicating with people on social media to knowing what is going on in the world, each everything is at the doorstep only because of the Internet. No other thing has made such a big impact in the life of consumer as it is made by the internet. The world is also ever expanding with various websites providing different information which include watching movies, playing games, etc. Its impact on consumer can be understood from the fact that consumers are inclined towards that service provider which is providing high speed and traffic free internet even if they have to pay a handsome amount of money for the same.

Featuring of eCommerce Player

If there is something which can be directly connected with the consumers then it is e-commerce platforms without any doubt. They have completely changed the life of a rational consumer by offering the consumer ‘n’ number of choices and that so at a reasonable and better price as compared to the offline market. E-commerce player like Amazon and Flipkart have expanded their market share like anything. And are one of the biggest players in this market, their arrival although placed the offline players at a lower position but if we will look from a consumer’s point of view then suffice it to say it has brought a tremendous change in their life ultimately strengthening consumerism. Now, a potential consumer can buy any product by sitting in his home and it will be delivered at its door which will not only save his valuable time but also will give him more and better options. However, it is highly advised to first review a product before you are going to buy it and you can do this in one goes by simply visiting This site will give you different reviews based on the experiences of the users of the product so that you can make a good choice.

The Future Ahead


As of now, you must have understood that technology has played a vital role in the life of consumers. Although it has also created some problems in their life as they have become highly dependable on technology so much so that one cannot imagine its life without technology-based products and platforms. All these things have led to globalization and no doubt that the biggest responsible factor for globalization is technology. Like any other thing technology also has pros as well as cons however the number of pros outplays the number of cons. But we have to keep in mind that over-reliance on anything will lead to disaster. So, one has to avoid getting addicted to technology in order to be self-reliant. As already stated, the field of technology is ever expanding and there is a lot to be done in this field. In order to achieve cutting edge technology, a lot of changes are there that needs to be brought up in this field. If we want consumerism to prevail then it is also the responsibility of the consumers to make sure that they are using the technology and not abusing it. Things like technology should be used only for one’s own benefit and not to cause danger to others. Future of technology, as well as a human, can only be made if there will be an attempt from both the sides and a medium way should be found so that it will only take care of the interests of the consumers.