How To Take Screenshot On Your Computer Without Any Software

First of all, if you don’t know what a Screenshot Is, Let me clear you.

Screenshot Well (SCREEN-SHOT), as the name suggests, is an image of your desktop which can be stored as an Image file in Your Computer.

If you go through our other posts, you will see that majority of them include Screenshots.

Recently someone asked which Software I use to take screenshots, so I told him I don’t use any Software to take screenshot other than MS-Paint! Excited – Yes Today I am Sharing with you How to take Screenshot on your Computer without any Software, except MS-Paint.

Steps To take Screenshot on your Computer without any Software

1. To Take Screenshot Of The Whole Screen

When you are at the screen where you want to take screenshot, press the PrtScn Button on your Keyboard.

It should be on the top row, to the right of “F12″

To Take Screenshot Of Just One Window

Click on the title bar of the window you want to take screenshot of to make it active. When the window is active, press the Combination Alt+PrtScn on your Keyboard.

2. Now open MS-Paint, and then press Ctrl+V on your keyboard (or alternatively, right-click on the white portion and click on Paste)

You will see that the Image of your Screen or the Window has appeared on MS-Paint.

3. Now You can edit the image as you want using the tools available in MS-Paint, And then save it in JPG , PNG , BMP or any format you Want, and thats’it you are now ready to use it.

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