How To Set Parenting Control On A Computer

The availability of information through the use of the internet cannot to a certain extent be controlled. With the click of a few buttons, you can gain access to any or most information that does not have restricted access. Restricted access happens mainly for organizations and most government agencies where a login id and password is needed to authenticate the user of the site.

For most sites where the access is for the public, just typing in the address on a new tab on your computer or your smartphone would open up the web page for you. Sometimes, you would not need to visit the website in question, a link which when clicked would take you to that web page might pop-up on another page you are on, and when clicked on, takes you to the new web page through opening of a new tab on your computer.

When you have kids, whether you share a home computer with them or they have a personal computer, there is need to ensure that their access to certain sites through the internet is controlled. The wealth of sensitive information out there is endless. There are various videos, write ups, vlogs, blogs, pictures, which could do a whole world of damage to your kids if they are not protected from access to them.

Parental control is the means by which control measures are set on most internet-enabled devices to as to restrict, block certain activities for a minor. Parental controls are available for most internet-enabled devices like smartphones, computers, tablets, gaming systems etc.

Parental controls can go a long way in helping reduce the possibility of your child coming into contact with inappropriate content when they go online. When permitting parental controls, make sure to use the right age settings to filter, monitor, track and block the activities they do online. This is a safe way to ensure that the possibility of your child encountering inappropriate content online is reduced to the barest minimum. This action can be taken on all devices, computers and tablets that are in the home especially a home that has really young children.

There is a need to state a caveat here. As with most other things in life, most parents should be aware that parental controls are not 100% effective in the bid to protect your child from inappropriate content online. Parental controls however are a great support. There is still the urgent need to properly educate your child on the dangers that exist in the cyber space and the need for internet security.

There are certain things which parental controls can do so, it is important to know what the range of options available are to you with these controls. Most times, these controls are usually offered by game consoles, search engines, social networks, computer operating systems and more. Depending on the provider, there might also be different functions offered. These functions might include, manage the content your child can search for when online, monitoring or blocking completely the kind of games your child can have access to, stop your child from using specific programs, setting precise time limits on your children’s use of these devices.

Our computers are a means by which our lives have been made easier. With the click of a few buttons, we can tale to someone half-way around the world, we could watch the latest news happening in different regions of the world, we can catch up with our latest shows and movies, shop, play games etc. All these are activities we carry out on a daily basis. So, it goes without saying that our computers are important to us.

When we have kids, younger kids in the home, there is a need to set precautions when it comes to the use of our computers. Setting the parental controls on your computer operating systems is quite straight forward and depending on the type of operating system you use. Having the Norton family installed on your operating system makes this even easier for you. Most computer systems offer step-by-step process by which you can set up these controls and they are easy to follow in addition to there been no extra hidden charges.

For Windows, Parental Controls allows users to set the limits on the amount of time that is spent on the computer, the programs they can have access to, the games they can play. To set this up, search the parental controls setting for windows on For users OF Apple, the parental controls filters can come in three modes (whitelist, unrestricted and automatic). Make sure you choose the best filter that is most appropriate for your child. To set this up, contact support on For users of Chrome OS, the best setting would be the supervised users. This works by allowing parents or guardians see the pages and sites which the supervised user has visited, viewed and further allows you to block any of such sites which you would not want your supervised user to access. To enable this feature, contact the safety centre on

Another great way to set up Parental Control is on your router. This happens to be the link that allows all the internet traffic into your home network. Setting up parental controls here will enable you cut off certain pages or sites through a web filtering for all devices in your home. While some routers come fitted with in-built parental controls, some don’t but can be set up using the web-based configuration pages of the router.

There is the urgent need to ensure our kids are protected from inappropriate content that flows through the internet. Ensure that Parental Controls are set up for your home computers, so it doesn’t matter if your are home or not, you are rest-assured to a certain extent that your younger kids are protected when they go online. Make sure they are educate your kids on internet safety also.