How To Send A Free Fax Online – Step By Step Guide

Faxing was never gone. It was present before and it is still present today. And if you don’t know, faxing is actually used by people more than any other advanced communication means. Follow this guide till the end to know how all of this was possible.

If you are a fax lover and have been using faxes for a long time, you might as well know that faxing has its origins from a very long time ago. Faxing has always been a mainstream communication medium and was utilized in the past and is also utilized today. Only the fax lovers know that faxing is a far better choice than much other communication media.

The security services offered by faxing are top of the line, so good that no other platform can surpass it in this aspect. Hence, people all over the world still use it due to its utmost advantages. And these people are not doing it through the big fax machines or messy phone lines.

Fax lovers needed a way out from the hassle of these troublesome things and they found it through the method of online faxing. Online faxing is a new way to fax documents anywhere in the world. it’s being utilized and loved all over the planet and people are getting rid of their fax machines for it.

However, online faxing cannot be done without the use of online fax service. Here, we have one such service that does its job wonderfully.

CocoFax – The Perfect Fax Service For Online Faxing

CocoFax is an online fax service that is the best one of all other services in the market. You get all the solutions to your faxing problems. With CocoFax, you can fax over the internet in a hassle-free way.

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CocoFax has superb services for online faxing. And with these services, there is no need for fax machines, telephone lines or other investments like paper, toner, and ink, etc. If you already own one, you can get rid of it now since you’ve got CocoFax with you.

To know more about CocoFax on Google Fax Free, click its official website here. You will be provided even the slightest details here, so let your worries fly away. With Google Fax Free, there’s nothing to worry about.

CocoFax is famous to the extent that even some big media brands like Forbes and TechRadar have good things to say about it. CocoFax has made its place among the news sources too. And this is only because of the excellent faxing benefits that CocoFax provides.

CocoFax is used in countless regions of the world with its user base exceeding a million people and counting. And the people who use it belong to different areas of life. Some are businessmen and want a reliable fax service like CocoFax to deliver their important confidential documents. Some are professionals or freelancers who use CocoFax to fax their files for them.

Now we will come to the part of why is CocoFax even needed in the first place. I’m absolute, you were already wondering about that. So here we are.

Why Is CocoFax Needed In The First Place?

The need for CocoFax was raised because of the incompatibility there was between faxing and the internet. As we are talking about online faxing here, the internet is our main concern. Faxing and the internet are different things of two totally different eras.

Faxing is from long ago and hence, uses analog signals to do its work. On the other hand, the internet is from the advanced times, hence uses digital signals for its work. This way, neither of them understand each other.

So, to make them work together, a reliable and trustworthy online fax service provider is necessary to do the work of a translator.

What Is Required By CocoFax For Online Faxing?

CocoFax requires some simple things in order to accomplish the task of online faxing. Among these few things, you will have most of them already. Here we have listed all the things that you need if you wish to use CocoFax’s services for online faxing.

Internet Connection

As the name suggests, online faxing will definitely require an internet connection to work. Online faxing is done through the internet hence, it is the utmost requirement in this case. Also, make sure that the device you’re using for online faxing is connected to an internet connection.

Signing-up With CocoFax

Another important thing if you are considering CocoFax for the purpose of online faxing is that you must sign-up with CocoFax and create an account. Otherwise, you won’t be able to benefit from the amazing services of CocoFax.

Fax number

Fax number is like the heart and soul of faxing. Without a fax number, there is no faxing. You can neither send fax nor get any if you don’t have a fax number. And this is true for any faxing method you decide. With CocoFax, things are a lot easier than before. You get a free fax number and that too is of your own choice. Moreover, this fax number is delivered to you on your email address.

Stepwise Guide For Online Faxing

To start faxing online with CocoFax, you simply need to follow a few easy steps and then no one can stop you from faxing your documents online. Here we have laid out these simple steps.

Step 1:

First of all, the main thing that needs to be done is to create an account with CocoFax. Registering with CocoFax is really easy. You can do it by availing the 30-day free trial and sign-up completely for free. You don’t even have to pay a cent for signing up.

You can also pick your own free fax number here.


Step 2: Then, when you are done with all the sign-up process, you can head to your dashboard and create a new fax by hitting on the button of ‘New Fax’.

send-fax-online-with-cocofaxStart off by writing the recipient’s fax address in the ‘To’ field. Don’t worry, fax address is not something new. The recipient’s fax number and the site extension ‘’ combine to make the fax address.

If you wish that your fax file has a top note when it reaches the receiver’s end, you can write it in the ‘Subject’ field. The introductory page content can be written in the Cover Page.

Get the fax file attached and send it. Soo, you will receive a notification message in your dashboard informing you about your fax, whether it reached the destination safely or not.


Online faxing was never this easier before CocoFax, whose extraordinary faxing features have not only made faxing easy but also an enjoyable and pleasant experience. Go and experience it yourself to know more about it.