Best Online Fax Services and Apps – 2024 Review

Some things are so good that they never become a thing of the past. Among them is an old communication technique of faxing. Faxing is a primitive way of sending and getting documents and offers ultimate security as well.

Individuals who are used to delivering their documents through faxing can never get used to any other communication way. There are many other means to communicate officially but all of them have failed to provide the superclass security advantages that fax provides. Hence, people who can never risk their documents’ privacy never want to use any other way than faxing. They are still fond of faxing and use it in their daily communications.

But you might as well know that faxing is not an easy task, considering the advancements in today’s world. Faxing comes with huge faxing machines, paper, toner, ink, and much other hardware. But all these necessities become impractical as the world advances day by day. So the tech experts gave it a thought and devised a new and much practical way for faxing that could eradicate the need for fax machines and all other absurd requirements completely.

Online Faxing – A Practical Approach

But the main hurdle was how to implement this new way? At first, online faxing was thought to be not only difficult but also impossible. Fax and the internet, they’re two completely different platforms and also belong to different times. Faxing is old while the internet is new and constantly being evolved. Faxing is done through analog signals while the internet is a digitally powered medium.

CocoFax – The Best Online Fax Service With Best Features

Talking about the absolute best, it can be none other than CocoFax. With CocoFax, you can send free fax online. CocoFax is an online fax service that excels all others and provides some of the most unique fax features that no other service can provide. Hence, it becomes clear without any doubt that CocoFax tops all of its rivals in the faxing world.

CocoFax being the ultimate best is also evident from the fact that CocoFax has the largest customer base than any other fax service. There are more than a million clients all around the globe who use CocoFax consistently for the purpose of delivering faxes. These clients include not just individuals, big firms are also a part of it, who use faxing for carrying out daily communication tasks.

CocoFax bridges the gap between the two, fax and the internet, and make smooth communication between them possible. It works just like an interpreter and interprets the work of them both.

Another reason behind its immense success is that CocoFax takes care of its customers well. The customer care is excellent and the queries get answered quite effectively. Many fax services fail in this part and hence cannot succeed. Because customers are everything for fax service, it is necessary to entertain their requests and queries in a timely manner. And CocoFax does that quite well. It has a whole team of hard-working members who are available 24/7 so that none of the queries remain unanswered.

Here is an article from TechTimes, a company that evaluates many services. CocoFax has also been featured in many other multinational media outlets like Forbes and the New York Times. And that is certainly the honor of being the best.

CocoFax has taken care of customers’ ease at every point. It has provided more than one way to send and receive faxes online like its online dashboard and email to fax feature. All of them incorporate the best features and are used by masses. Here we will discuss one of the ways, that is through its web app or online dashboard.

Fax Online with CocoFax’s Online Dashboard

The online dashboard that CocoFax provides is one of its kind. It is the most useful feature of CocoFax and hence, is in use by many due to its ease of use. Here we have laid out the simple steps that will assist you in using it.

Step 1: Firstly, you will have to sign-up with CocoFax because otherwise, you won’t be able to use its incredible faxing services. Well, signing-up is quite easy when you’re using CocoFax. Head to the CocoFax site and opt for the 30 day free trial offered there.

This 30 day free trial helps you to try out the services of CocoFax first so that you can carefully decide on your choice of a subscription plan.

Step 2: Along with the first free month, you also get to have a free fax number which you can make yourself. And no, there are no additional costs for making a fax number. You can get it for completely free.

Step 3: When the sign-up procedure is finished, your online dashboard will appear before you. This is where you will be composing and receiving new faxes.

There is a compulsory field of ‘To’, here you will write the fax address of the person intended to receive your fax. This fax address is actually a combo of fax number and extension ‘’.

Then there are two optional fields of ‘Subject’ and ‘Cover Page’. The subject will have the top note, if any, of the fax. The cover page will be having the content of the fax file’s first page.

Attach the fax file you want to fax and then press the send button. All of the rest is up to CocoFax. CocoFax will notify you in both cases, whether your fax delivery was successful or failed. Failure is only due to the reasons outside CocoFax, there is no problem at all on CocoFax’s side.


At the time when online faxing was thought of as an impossible task, CocoFax made it not only possible but rather an easy one. You must start using CocoFax right away if you’re a fan of faxing.