How To Protect Your Facebook Account From Hackers

Nowadays Facebook has become an integral part of our life. Using it will can do many things like interacting with friends, sharing our views and much more.

But what if your Facebook Account gets hacked then it may be misused to a great extent and the blame will be come on you and You will lose your Precious Facebook Account. So Protection of your Facebook Account is Very Important to Protect it from Hackers.

Note : If your Facebook Account is Hacked and You need help then You must visit Official Facebook Help Center.

So I recommend following these Useful Tips and Protect your Facebook Account from getting hacked in Future.

Tips to Protect Facebook Account From Hackers :

A. Enable HTTPS (Secure Browsing)?

Visit and click on “Secure Browsing”.

After That, Check The Box In Front Of “Browse Facebook on a secure connection (https) when possible” And Click On “Save Changes”

B. Review Permissions Given To Third Party Apps

Third Party Apps means the apps which are not developed by Facebook but developed by other companies (for example, farmville by Zynga). When you grant permissions to these apps, these permissions stay with the apps till you yourself Revoke them.

So if your Facebook account got hacked due to any app, you might get hacked again.

Visit the following link to review your Facebook permissions granted to various apps:

You might be surprised with the number of apps you have granted permissions to.

When you see any app you no longer use, then click on the small “X” icon in front of the App name, and click on “Remove” in the dialog box which opens.

C. Do NOT Save Your Password In ANY Computer/Browser

If you really don’t want to compromise with the security of your Facebook account then I Personally recommend that you should NOT save your Facebook password. Well Nowadays all web browsers come with an option to store your Passwords so you don’t have to retype them every time you want to login. But suppose someone else is sitting at your computer, the person might gain unauthorised access to your account.

D. Change Your Password Periodically and always choose Secure Password

No matter which account we are talking about, this is a very crucial step.

Changes your password regularly decreases your chances of getting hacked, but remember to keep the password hard to crack! that means choose a password Which is the Combination of [ letter + Symbol + Numbers ] = [ A-Z, a-z + !@#$%^&* + 0 , 1-9 ]

E. Keep Your Primary Email Account Secure

Well this is the Very Important Step you must follow to Safe your Account from hackers. See we all gain access to Facebook with the help of our Primary Account which we make on Gmail, Yahoo etc..

But see What happens if your Primary Email Account gets hacked, all these methods will be of no use. So remember to use a very strong Password for the account, And make sure this password is different from the password you use for other services!

Although there are even more ways to protect your Facebook and other online accounts, but these 5 are the most essential of them all.

Got any tip you would like us to know. Share it with us in comments!