How to Increase Views on Instagram Video by Yourself Without Big Investments

How to increase Instagram story views and videos

You can draw conclusions about the popularity of a post based on the reach figure. If you notice when reviewing the report that the number is higher than the average for the account, it means that users liked the post. A good result is a reach of 15─30% of your total subscribers.

To get a lot of views on Instagram, you can use special social media promotion methods. The most readily available method is SMM social media service providers. There are paid and free options. Consider both.

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Of course, on your own for a couple of days or even a week you will not be able to attract a huge number of subscribers, and there views, but it is possible with the above services: paid and free.

Still recommended to use paid services, because there you can get not a pittance in a video 100 or 1000 views, but quite a substantial number of 10000 units.

And even artificially boosted views from services will be considered natural, which does not apply to subscribers, likes and comments.

But it is worth noting one important thing. You have to create verisimilitude on your page. In other words, if you have 10 likes and 5000 views under an entry, it’s not natural. The conclusion here is one – use the accrual of both likes and views.

A large number of views under the video content gives your personal profile a large reach. Reach is activity on your page. And activity is likes, comments, and views, all from your subscribers. For an advertiser who wants to buy a promotional post from you will definitely be interested in the quality of the reach.

Also, choose services where the product card directly says “Slow”. For example, “Slow” Instagram video views. That way you can secure your account from the scrutiny of Instagram’s security algorithm. If something suspicious is conducted on the page, at best, all of the accrued will be written off. It would be bad if the account was permanently blocked.

Scamming itself is not dangerous, you just need to use it in moderation. You do not need to spend a lot of money on paid services and a lot of time on free ones to get 1 million views in Insta as soon as possible. Haste will not lead to anything good. As the saying goes, ride slowly, ride farther.

How to increase views on Instagram: allowed options


Marketing experts have been using the reach indicator to calculate Engagement Rate Reach, which is the engagement of subscribers. Previously, it was determined according to the number of the latter. Today it is more correct to calculate it based on the average reach of publications.

This variant is more reliable, because some users may be inactive by that moment, while others do not see your posts due to the newsfeed algorithm. For this reason, you should not consider the engagement of all subscribers.

Instead, only those who have viewed your publications should be taken into account.
Use interactivity to engage your followers in conversation. This is another way to help increase likes on Instagram. Don’t know how and what to entice such a fastidious public? Then take note of our recommendations:

Launch themed polls.


Unobtrusively ask fans to comment and give their own opinion.

Be active on the page and engage your followers in your correspondence.

Use targeted advertising to increase views on Instagram. Another added benefit is that such advertising will help improve your target audience growth rates, because promoted content is shown to all the people who fit the sample. Read about how to set up targeting ads correctly here.

Reasons why views and audience reach have plummeted

Now it’s time to find out why the views on Instagram have dropped. You can’t increase activity if you don’t first identify the reasons for the decline. And there are a huge number of them, and each one is unique in its own way, requiring individual solutions.

1. Inactive users subscribed to the page


The group of inactive subscribers includes commercial accounts, bots and people who only read you because of a mutual subscription. This is not a target audience, but a “load” that you need to get rid of by “purging” the followers. The more bots, the more noticeable for advertisers will be a decrease in coverage.

2. Over-advertising and over-tagging

If the views in Instagram stories have dropped, it can be caused by an overabundance of ads and mutual PR in the profile. Ads alone quickly bore people, causing them to click the unsubscribe button. The audience stops being engaged, so every time they have to be pushed to take action.

We categorically do not recommend abusing hashtags. Yes, they are an effective way to promote the story. But their excessive number is perceived by insta algorithms as spam. This is punishable by a decrease in views of your Stories.

3. Using services for mass liking and followering.


Instagram monitors compliance with the limits on subscriptions, likes, etc. And suspicious activity immediately makes the social network suspicious. This is often the reason why storis views have plummeted. Any violation detected forces admins to not only cover, but also block pages.

4. Uninteresting content and complaints from other users

To retain an audience and attract new subscribers, it is important to create quality content. It’s unlikely that views will increase if a blogger posts blurry photos or “pixelated” videos with bad sound.

If a few people complain about your page, activity will also drop dramatically. Faced with such a problem, we recommend reconsidering the “content” of your blog, your promotion and promotion strategy.

Shoot and post videos. Up-to-date video content allows you to raise your profile in the feed and increase likes on Instagram. There are many posting options: live streams, cinemagraphs, boomerangs in stories, and videos.

How to get more video views on Instagram or stories


A lot of views, followers, and reach will attract a lot of advertisers who are willing to pay a lot of money if your account is worth it.

To get lots and lots of views, likes and comments, use the promotion sites at the beginning of the article.

In addition to the services themselves, there are other methods of increasing the number of views without services and programs.

  • Regular postings. Regardless of the topic of your Instagram account, you should post new content several times a day, preferably at a time when your followers are most often online. Finding the time online will take some work and time to identify.
  • Mutual agreement. Find a themed page and negotiate a mutually beneficial arrangement with the owner. The main thing is that the coverage and number of subscribers is about equal. You can give each other “likes” on photos and videos, or note in a post, or create a promotional post.
  • Turn the account into a business profile. Determine what content users really like. Just post it and that’s it, don’t look for ways to gain views. Then, if you have a business account you can see in your stats what kind of posts are best perceived and move in that direction.
  • Put hashtags. Who has its own page on Instagram on any know what the hashtags. Under each post, place themed and popular hashtags, which can bring you additional views and followers.
  • Catch “Hype.” A word everyone knows. If you found a hot news story online that is heavily discussed by all the media, groups and social networks, it is worth catching the wave. Publish content on the topic, write a high-profile description, and put the right hashtags associated with the news.

Now you know how to get views on Instagram. It’s not a simple matter, but the promotion itself is worth it to boost your account to the top. Whether you’re using SMM exchanges or working on your own to increase your reach, the important thing is to analyze your work and look for the right approach.