How To Find Out A Fake Facebook Profile?

Mark Zuckerberg has recently announced that Facebook has now over 800 million of active users and we all know there are many fake accounts in Facebook too. Everyday we’re getting friend requests from several unknown persons and many of us are blindly adding them into their friend list in a main intend to increase their friend network. But sometime it might create a big problem for them.

After adding an unknown person as your friend in Facebook, he/she can easily still your personal identity and misuse them. So, before you adding anyone into your friend list you should check the profile properly whether it’s a real account or not.

If you want to secure your personal data in Facebook from misuse by others then you need to know “How to find out a fake Facebook account?” So, here are some possible ways by which you can identify a fake Facebook account. Please keep in mind that, all ways may not be correct in all time and for all friends but yes, these are the closer points to identify a fake Facebook account.

1. Fake Facebook account can be identified from photos in the profile. First look for photos of your friend, if you find only one photo in the whole profile or then the account may be a fake account. It also happens when you find few photos of only celebrities (including profile photo) or includes any pornography pictures then it’s pretty sure that the account is fake.

2. The account can also be identified from friend list. Check their friend list, if it’s containing many opposite gender friends or friends with pornography profile picture then it may be a fake account. These types of profiles usually create to make fun over Facebook by chatting.

3. You should check their info. If you found there is no perfect links given regarding school or education institutions, workplace and if the user is interested in both men and women, then it can be a fake profile.

4. You should check their status updates, wall posts and comments. If you find he/she has not updated his/her status for quite a long time or hasn’t been involved in any wall posting or doesn’t giving any comment to others status updates then the profile may be a fake profile.

5. Also look at their Facebook age liking or group joining. If you find any pornography Facebook page they liked or any pornography group they joined then there is a high chance that the account is fake.

6. It is also found that many fake Facebook users are added their birth dates like 1/1/XXXX or 31/12/XXXX.

7. If there is an account of a girl showing her contact number then most probably the account is fake, because any girl will never ever want to show her contact number in public. What you think? But in few cases newbie are accidentally reveal their contact number.

8. If u found lots of people posting in his/her wall by saying “Thanks to add” or “Do I know you?” Or any bulgur posts but still the post is unanswered then it’s clearly indicates that the account is fake one.

So, that’s it from our side, but there are many other ways to point out a fake Facebook account but in next time. I think it’s enough to find out a fake Facebook account. Isn’t it? Many fake accounts are usually created for service/product promotion. They won’t harm you more except irritating you. But fake is fake and we should be aware of them. Hopefully this article may help you to get rid of those disturbing fake accounts in your friend list. Just identify them and delete them from your friend list and be safe.