How To Download Torrents with IDM, DAP Or Any Other Download Manager

Audio and Video content available online can be either watched (or listened) online or downloaded in one go and then watched by opening the downloaded file which is available on the local computer. There are many ways to download a file, the quickest being download torrents to view files. Downloading is preferred over online streaming because when the audio or video content is watched online, the file is stored on the website’s server from where it has to be traversed in packets to a local storage on the computer.

This takes time and with slow internet speeds makes the process lengthier. Further, the process of buffering, where the content pauses mid way and waits for sufficient data to arrive before resuming, becomes frustrating over time. Additionally, if a person likes to watch the video online, he or she requires access to internet every time the content has to be viewed.

Once downloaded, the content can be carried in multiple devices like pen drive, hard drive, internal memory, mobile storage etc. It can be distributed as well using sharing services like Bluetooth, Wi – Fi, Infrared, Throw etc.

Online content is not easily available for download. This is due to the distribution and unauthorized viewership related regulations. To resolve this and get hold of easily downloadable links, the concept of download torrents was introduced. A torrent is a tracker which helps to track a local computer connected to internet on which the required file is partly or wholly downloaded.

If a video is to be downloaded from a particular server and people from all across the world wish to download it, the traffic and congestion on the server path would become unmanageable and cause the server to crash. As an alternative, the torrent file tracks the computers which have partially or fully downloaded the file and starts downloading from those computers.

This means that if 1% to 15 % of a file is on 1 computer and 56% to 62% on another, the torrent will connect to both the computers and start downloading whatever has not been downloaded already. The process is applied on multiple computers at a time.

The download speed is dependent on the seeders who serve as the source of downloadable content. To activate the trackers and execute them, multitudes of software like uTorrent,  (Internet Download Manager) and DAP (Download Accelerator Plus). Such software is mostly available free of cost and easy to download.

Once downloaded they cover a majority of work and the users has to simply wait for the download to complete before they can start viewing the content. The process to download torrents is as easy as it gets. The standard process to download an audio or video file using any such software is as follows –

Step 1 – Open a Web Browser like Mozilla Firefox, IE or Chrome

Step 2 – Enter the address of any search engine like Google (alternatively the address of the website can be entered in the address bar if one is aware of it)

Step 3 – In the search bar, type ‘x’, where x is the name of the file one wishes to download.

Once a page opens up where the video is embedded on the page, a pop up saying “Download with y” where y is the name of the software like IDM, DAP etc., would appear.

Step 4 – Click on the pop up

As soon as the pop up button is clicked, the interface of the software opens up where the details related to the download and progress is visible.

Once the download is complete, it can be retrieved from the “downloads” folder of the C:/ drive or from the list of downloads available as an option in the interface.