How Many Times Can You Get E2 Visa?

If you’re reading this, you might be already familiar with E2 Visa. Processing something like this ahead, or you’re just researching for future purposes, or have your own personal reasons. Whatever your reason for researching, it is not probably new to you. Otherwise, E2 Investor classification of Visa is a conditional authorization’s best course of action for investors and business persons. If a figure owns a Visa like this, staying in the U.S be possible, having a U.S. Business START-UP and working their business way up. It is constructed on an investment that they will control while they are living inside the United States. Ultimately, you are here to answer your inquiry of, “How many times can a person get a visa that is something like this?” Fortunately, this Visa is appropriate for three months up to five years, and the actuality that you can extend it without a fixed limit is satisfying to know. However, there are also situations wherein you have to consider. It is a technique to guarantee your safety around the United States.

Having this Visa has rules, laws, and regulations. You have to be careful so as to achieve being always lawfully correct. With this matter, you can get more information on reading and researching the topic to be conscious of all the conceptions you demand to know regarding E2 Visa.

As we’ve mentioned above, The E2 Visa lasts for three months up to five years. If there’s a chance that you previously experienced to acquire an E2 Visa, worry no more about getting another because you can get one as many times that you want. Nevertheless, it would be preferable if you considered conditions and considerations before getting another or fresh one, renewing or extending your existing E2 Visa in hand.

Considerations and Conditions to think before getting one, getting fresh, or prolonging your E2 Visa

On the grounds that your E2 business utilizes and adjoins the E2 Visa demands, you are acknowledged to renew. Still, before you conclude what to do, discuss it first with an immigration legal practitioner so as to achieve and guarantee your safety and avoid problems in the long run. This will help you save time on its procedure itself.

Obtaining E2 Visa


If you wish to obtain it in order to live your dream life and enlarge your trade in the United States, getting an E2 Visa is uncomplicated. It is easier than you may think. It just doesn’t look easy when looking for the demands you need, but only think about growing and sustaining your business after all of those. If you are certain that you have met and provide the necessary documents to get this type of Visa, you’re good to go. Considering that you have an authentic business that you want to buy or startup, the process will be honestly straight undemanding. Even so, you have to deal with the online system frustration and confusing instructions. Other than that, the actual law and process are effortless.

Change of Status


This method of obtaining an E2 Visa is only allowed for nonimmigrant people that are already lawfully inside the United States. It is recommended to use this method for the reason that you cannot acquire this Visa when you are outside of the U.S. While you are still in the U.S and are lawfully without any violations, file this type of Visa instantly. After you acquire this Visa, that is the only time when you can travel outside the country without worrying on how you can come back. If it is approved, you don’t need to worry anymore. Take note of that. Also, this method has a quicker process than the other methods. This is why some independents opt to do a Change of Status. Still, there’s no excuse in re-submitting the demands entails to prove your qualification. This step is essential.

If you are currently staying abroad in the first place, Change of Status is not possible. However, you can undergo to another process called consular processing. File to this process and your U.S dream is now attainable.

Getting another E2 Visa by undergoing consular processing again

Obtaining an E2 Visa can result in a worse consequence if you want to replace your business and do something else. This can also happen if your trade didn’t have an outcome that you expected. There are a fair amount of situations that can happen. If this happens, you need to acquire a new E2 Visa. Another Visa is needed as your first Visa will not be verified for the quantities that happened to you. If you opt to do this, be informed that it isn’t lawfully right. If you do something else while under an E2 Visa, doing that will be unethical, these things will be a reason in your invalidation as it is a way of violating your status. In these reasons, you will be tabulated as out of status. For sure this is trouble if this happens. In these circumstances, it is evident that you need to arrange another consular processing. Undergoing in this process for your new E2 Visa is essential in continuing your life inside the U.S.

Renewal and Extension of E2 Visa


The renewal process takes time. You can renew or get an E2 Visa anytime, and it can be unlimited. On the contrary, the renewal application’s main requirement needs to be submitted before your actual E2 Visa expires. It is recommended to contact legit professionals that will help you process your renewal. Contact them when you know it is at least six months before your Visa expiration happens. Besides, if you do this outside the U.S., you can have a complete five-year renewal.

On the other hand, an extension is a different matter. Suppose you file an extension of your E2 status while inside the U.S., you will only be granted two additional years in E2 status. Just make sure that your business is stable for it to be indeed given.


To sum up, these pieces of information are not easy to comprehend. It may look easy, but when you’re already in that situation, that is the only time that you will fully understand these things. However, don’t be encouraged because some resources and people will help you along the way. Now that you’ve read these things, it will be much easier for you when it is your turn to process your own E2 Visa and live your dream life in the U.S. Embrace your good understanding of the essential aspects you need to be conscious about E2 Visa.

Don’t forget that it is limitless to renew your E2 type of Visa, extend, or get another one of your E2 Visa. Take your time, and you will get the hang of it. With that being said, Good luck on your E2 Visa journey. Always remember that we’ve got you covered!