Getting To Know The Popular Slots Tournaments

Slot tournaments are great. Apart from you winning money from spinning the reels, you get a chance to win more money if you get to the top of the leaderboards. You can do all that while enjoying your favorite game, like the King of the Jungle slot.

But how does it work?

It varies—some slot tournaments require that you win the most amount of money, while some that you spin the reels the most times. Other casinos base their winners according to the amount of money you wagered. In many tournaments, the money you wager is real cash. However, there are somewhere you need to buy-in to receive play money. This play money is expressed in currencies, but they are not real.

Let us walk you through some of the most popular slots tournaments in 2024 and help you choose which ones to join.

King’s Daily Tournament

This slot tournament is hosted by King Billy casino. The goal is to become the King’s Champion and get to the top of the leaderboard. In this tournament, you are rewarded with King’s Points. These are VIP points that you accumulate based on the amount of money you have wagered. For every $1 you wager, you receive 1 point. The higher your VIP level, the more points you are likely to win. In the end, the person who has earned the highest amount of VIP points during the tournament wins the prize.

There are only two slot machines participating in the tourney. The slot tournament runs daily. You will win King’s Points that you can redeem as cash, but this cash prize has a wagering requirement of 3x. The top prize is 3,000 King’s Points daily.

Drake Casino

This casino offers a weekly slot tournament in the game Gold Canyon. The entry fee is $5 or and you can re-buy it for the same cost.  The minimum number of chips you will receive upon entry is $100, but you can receive as much as $200 upon re-entry. The tournament winner is the person who won most from his game balance. Every time your $100 is out, you need to spend another $5 to re-enter and then buy more chips. After the tournament, 52 winners will be selected. One winner will get $2,000 in cash prizes, and two will get $1,000 and $750, respectively. The rest will win prizes worth $250 and below.

Red Stag Casino

In here, you can find several slot tournaments, but the best one is called A Fistful of Cash $15000 Tourney, and the only participating slot machines is Amazing 7s. There is an initial entry fee of $9.99, and you will receive $130 for your starting balance. Once you have consumed that amount, you need to re-buy your re-entry for $7.99 and then receive another $130 for your tournament balance.

The winner in the tournament is the person who has the highest balance at the end of the event. The top prize is $4,200, followed by $2,135. The rest of the winners will receive a bonus prize, which will be placed in their bonus balances.

Miami Club

The game you will play in this slot tournament is Kanga Cash. The entry fee is only $5, and you will receive a starting balance of $150. From there, you can play the slot until you win more or lose everything. Should you want to get in the game again, you can re-buy and re-enter for $5. To get another balance of $150, you now have to pay $10 on top of the rebuy fee.

You will win if you end up as the player with the highest balance after the tourney. The prize pool is $1,000, shared among several winners. The top prize is $500. The second and third placers get $75 and $50, and the rest of the winners will share the rest of the pot.


Slot tournaments work differently, but it is best to join those that do not require you to wager real cash. Pick those that give you play money in exchange for an entry fee. If you join such tournaments, you only get to spend a few bucks and have a chance to win up to £1,000.

Also, one trick to win is to bet the smallest amount. Slot machine tournaments usually last a week. While most of them end and refresh daily, betting small is still the best strategy. It allows you to lose small but also win big if you happen to hit mega combos.

You cannot choose the game you can play, as it is the casino that selects the participating slot machine. Most of the time, they use slots that they want to promote. But if you have a favourite game, like the King of the Jungle slot or the mobile version of it, then you just have to search different casinos or wait until it becomes available in a tournament.