Gambling Strategies That Might Double Your Winnings at Blackjack

Blackjack offers the lowest house edge in casino and using double bet technique you can get a better advantage over a house. As many gamblers only come to enjoy themselves and not to worry about the money they are losing. Some plan to have a small incremental while others just came to catch a nice buzz and some free drinks.

Many gamblers seem to have a specific goal of doubling their bankroll. Check site to know more about gambling. Here are some techniques to double your gambling:

Be Bold


We are discussing the percentage of a single wager you put on from your bankroll. If you are playing dollar 2 of blackjack while having a 2000 dollar bankroll, do remember you are not playing boldly because that is 0.1% of your bankroll.

Everyone here wants to double their winnings, but the real problem is that there is an advantage on the house for every single casino. If you are the best player on the planet and have found some loopholes in the games of casinos, more power to you. As there is an edge and because of the edge all you will drain down slowly anyhow. As an average player you have a negative expectation which means the longer you play the more likely there are chances for you to win.

Raucous Roulette

When you are playing through physical locations or online there are always more advantages over a player playing with Roulette.

With an American Roulette wheel, it has toral 38 numbers. You have 18 chances to win when you place even-money bets but that also opens the door for 20 opportunities to lose. Here is the table for even money bets in roulette:

1. High/low
2. Black/Red
3. Odd/Even

The probability of winning is 18 divided by 38 which means 47.37% of winning. That’s pretty fine.

Double your winnings


Most of the players wish to gamble as much as they are able to and mostly all casino gamblers try to simply double their bankroll on their 1st bet.

They all function having measurable advantage over their opponents. Whether the house depends on their game of voice or the edge is over the opponents players by 1 big shot you turn randomness of any player into your favor. So remember if you risk 1 hand with all your bankroll you are risking huge and may go broke if lost. Mostly you will see many gamblers start with 1-2% of their bankrolls because there is advantage with it and they continue betting with it and increase their bet steadily with their bankrolls over the edge in the casino.

Making hard choices

Casinos are the largest platform which provides money so before you choose casinos and bet in it you must understand what double your win means and sometimes you will have to make hard choices which may have big payout but comes with low chance of win.

There is the best deal served in casinos like almost 50/50 and who wouldn’t take this deal? It’s called casino war where you may have high chances of winning and sometimes low too. When you go in a war either you lay down or you lay your opponent down. If you win in the war you get paid on the original bet, but if you lose the war, the house gets both the bets. This defines casino war as unorthodox gambling.

What is double your winning in blackjack?


In the start of the game an initial bet is placed right before the cards are dealt with. Mostly no one can place an additional bet after it. But double your winning is different. It lets a person place an additional bet for an extra card – equal to your ante – in return for only one card. While you receive a third card your hand gets over and you will have to see what the other dealer has.

Checking the rules before you play is important. There will be some blackjack variants that will let you double win a total of 9, 10, or 11 and some variants let you double down on any total.

How to use double winning at blackjack?

For a person it is important to know when you have to double your wins. In starting you will receive one dealer and two cards. If the dealer shows 5 or 6 for example and you show 9 you know that 10-value card will make you win. This can also be a good time to place an extra bet.

If you don’t know when to do printing a double chart or a cheat sheet will help you and is a good move. This can also help you double down depending upon both the dealer’s and cards.

Advantages and Disadvantages of double your wins


Double your wins is like having an extra wager when you have a good chance of winning. Therefore risk is more as you will have to double your bet pay but there is an advantage too that is more information will be available in front of you.

On the other hand, double your winning also carries some risk. Always remember, that at hand a dealer has more information and always goes after the players. This is what gives a corner edge over players. Also remember that when the hand is tied, the player’s stake is returned.


You can double your win in the casino simply by double your boldness. If you are sure enough then bet your maximum bankroll and sit crossing your fingers on one of the even-money bets. Casino wars are always too risky and there are chances you may have to go to war with dealers. And also do remember that casino gambling is just for entertainment purposes and if you bet all your bankroll on gambling there is a chance that you can lose everything you have earned. Please, gamble responsibly.