Free iPhone Apps

Apple Inc. was the first organization of the world to launch a touchscreen phone, it has become the pioneer of the invention which was afterward copied by many others. Its iPhone was the first device to create such a hype among the users.

With the passage of time, the app development for the iPhone devices has speeded up making the experience of the users more enhanced than ever before. Recent development in the devices has given a greater scope to the developers for developing more and more applications which are available for free in the Apple app store. Mostly it is hard to find the free apps for iPhone, but there are certain apps which are popular on the iPhone.

Here is a list of recommended iPhone apps which can enhance user experience while using an iPhone.


Camera Awesome is a camera app comprised of tools to design best photos with it. From exposure adjustment, composition guides and focus tools allow you to edit each and every detail of the picture. Its auto-awesomize feature makes it a one touch process which improves your picture remarkably. It is a free app which helps you to completely transform the picture which then gives you an option to share it on different social media networks such as Facebook, Flickr and Instagram.


PopCap’sPlants Vs. Zombies had been a popular game when it was first released on iPhone and its sequel, Plants Vs. Zombies 2 has gained the similar sort of popularity among the game players.In the sequel the players are taken to the Ancient Egypt, the Wild West and the golden age of privacy giving the users some unique challenges. It is a perfect combination of solid tower defense mechanics with amazing graphics, in this version of the game players will also face the challenge by zombies pirates and chicken wranglers. It is a free app available for download in the app store.


Using a documents app is really very necessary when you are using an iPhone as its just like a mini computer. A Savy Soda app, Documents Free is known to be the best free app for managing your documents in a single platform, this app has made it easier for the users to sync all of their cloud storages, such as Dropbox, OneDrive and Google Docs in one place making it easier for the users to upload or download a document to the cloud. Although the screen of an iPhone is smaller, but some minor editing and document viewing is possible while using the app on the phone.


IMDbis the biggest hub of providing the users with current status of Movies and TV shows. It is a world class application having biggest database of information related to the TV actors and actresses, Directors, production houses, TV series, movies etc. attractive UI of the app makes it easier for the movie geeks and moviegoers to look up for the movies, screen times, reviews and trailers of their favorite movies.