Figuring Out Eye Problems: Where Does It Hurt and How Can It be Prevented?

At first, you only feel like your eyes are crusty, burning, drying, or tearing all day. Unfortunately, what feels like a simple eye irritation can leave your vision permanently damaged.

If you find yourself in this situation, do not be miserable. According to Dr. Matthew Gardiner, an ophthalmologist from Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary, more than 90% of eye complaints are not only common but also temporary.

If you are exposed to dust, irritants, and other harmful substances in an industrial workplace, these eye discomforts can easily be prevented or corrected by Eyres safety glasses. At some point, anyone can get their eyes sore. While some of these symptoms get better on their own, the safest option remains to be prevention.

Where does it hurt?

Here are the most common areas in your eyes where these discomforts are felt:

  • Cornea: This refers to the transparent window found in front of the eye that takes care of focusing light.
  • Sclera: This refers to the white part of your eyes.
  • Conjunctiva: This is the extra-thin sclera covering found inside the eyelid.
  • Iris: As most people already know, the iris is the coloured part of the eye. At the middle of it is the pupil.
  • Orbit: Otherwise known as the eye socket, this is described as the skull’s bony cave where you will find the eye and eye muscles.
  • Extraocular muscles: These muscles are responsible for rotating your eyes.
  • Nerves: These are responsible for transmitting visual information to one’s brain from the eyes.
  • Eyelids: These refer to the eye’s external coverings responsible for protecting and spreading moisture all over the eyes.

What are the most common eye issues?

Here are some of the common eye problems that can be prevented by wearing Eyres safety glasses.

  • Blepharitis: This is an eyelid infection or inflammation that is usually not painful. This condition can be prevented if you stop rubbing your eyes with your hands, and if you keep your face clean at all times. Also, it would help if you remove your makeup before bedtime.
  • Conjunctivitis: This is also known as ‘pinkeye,’ inflammation of the conjunctiva. The cause might be bacterial or viral. As a result of the infection, the conjunctiva’s blood vessels swell. Again, this can be prevented if you keep your dirty hands away from your eyes. If you are in an environment wherein you are exposed to irritants in the air (i.e. in a factory), it is better if you wear a pair of Eyres safety glasses. If left for days, your eyes might get gunky and extra itchy.
  • Corneal abrasions: If you see a scratch on your cornea, the official term for that is a corneal abrasion. This may sound minor, but it can get super painful. According to the Association of American Family Physicians (AAFP), this condition can be prevented by wearing protective eyewear. The AAFP said that to manage this kind of abrasion, the foreign body that got into one’s cornea has to be removed. After which, oral analgesics, non-steroidal topical anti-inflammatory drugs, and analgesia need to be applied.

The Takeaway

Some people do not take eye care seriously. For as long as they do not feel pain or severe discomfort, they think it is okay to leave things as they are. This is not a good approach, though. Instead of bearing the pain later on, why not invest in eyewear that will fully protect your eyes? As the experts would put it, it is better to be safe than sorry.