EZTV Proxy and Mirror Sites For 2019 [100% Working]

Do you love watching TV shows all day? If yes, then EZTV is for. In this article, we are here to help you how to download TV shows from EZTV on your PC. We will be discussing happenings which are going with this kind of sites and what can you do to bypass them and still access the site. Let’s see.

What is EZTV and how does it work?

Before we get to know how to download EZTV tv shows, let’s first learn more about EZTV and how does it work.

As the name suggests, EZTV is a torrenting site which offers free copies of premium tv shows which are not available for free. Unlike other torrent sites which features all sort of categories ranging from movies, tv shows, keygens to everything you can expect. But EZTV offers tv shows only which is certainly a good thing.

As EZTV features are only focused only on tv shows, they get fewer traffic compared to these sites which have all kinds of contents. That’s why you will get good download speed.

If you want to watch them, then you might have to buy a subscription on any legal online streaming site. But EZTV offers you to download these tv shows offline.

Speaking of community, EZTV has a decent number of members active in its community. They are willing to help all the time. Moreover, if you need a specific tv shows which are not yet available on the site, ask them, and they will arrange a new one for you.

But there have been problems with EZTV when it comes to staying online and functional. It was shut down back in 2014. However, it made a comeback with two new domain names as EZTV.it and EZTV.ch. Users are reporting that even these new domains are no longer accessible as the site has again been moved to EZTV.ag.

So, this new domain is still accessible in many countries.

What is the problem with these torrent sites?

Anything that comes under the radar of piracy is being shut down by govt these days. Due to the increase in piracy in recent time, the govt of many major countries has taken some strict actions to take control over this thing. They have passed anti-piracy laws just to handle these illegal sites. All ISPs are being ordered to block access to a certain amount of sites in the particular country. So, if you are residing in that country, the chances are that you won’t be able to access the site at all.

But with every problem, there comes a solution. There is a backdoor to everything. If you still want to download those premium tv shows on your PC, you can do that in two different ways.

One of the most trusted and used methods is to use VPN service. It basically a service which helps you to change your IP address. Now, anything you access won’t be identified by your ISPs, and hence, you can use any site you want even if it blocked in that region.

But we won’t recommend downloading using this method as it makes your internet speed quite slow. The idea behind this process is to load your requested web page at another location then reflecting that webpage from that location to your location. So, your ISP won’t recognize you. But since it process takes time, it is not recommended for downloading files.

Another method is to use proxy sites. Proxy sites are basically a clone site of the original site. It contains the same library and index of the original but under a different name. These proxy sites are managed by the same team of EZTV officials, and they update these sites regularly whenever they get a new file on original one.

One of the best advantages of proxy sites is that you will get maximum speed while downloading. These proxy sites don’t get a lot of traffic as they are unknown to the general audience so you will be getting fast speed. The only problem with these proxy sites is that they keep on shutting down as soon as they are identified by ISPs and blocked.

There may be any number of proxy sites of the original one. So, just don’t stress out if you can’t access one.

Below we are going to suggest you top 10 best EZTV proxy stories which you can use to download your favorite stuff. Please check the list from top to bottom. It is likely that most working sites will be on top of the site. Let’s see:

S. No. EZTV Proxy And Mirror Sites Status Speed
#1 eztv.unblocked.vet/ Online Very Fast
#2 eztv.bypassed.ws/ Online Very Fast
#3 eztv.red/ Online Very Fast
#4 eztv.bypassed.in/ Online Very Fast
#5 eztv1.unblocked.ms/ Online Very Fast
#6 eztv1.unblocked.wtf/ Online Very Fast
#7 eztv.unblocked.pl/ Online Very Fast
#8 eztv.wf/ Online Very Fast
#9 eztv1.unblocked.lol Online Very Fast
#10 eztv1.unblocked.wtf Online Very Fast

We hope you used above given proxy sites and has successfully downloaded your favorite stuff to your PC. If you still facing any kind of problem, then please let us know in the comment section below. Also, if you have any better list of EZTV proxy sites, please let us know in the discussion thread below. We would be more than happy to add this on the list. Thanks for giving your valuable time to us. Thanks, bye.