Eco-Friendly Rodent Control: Safe Alternatives to Poisonous Baits

Rodent infestation can lead to various diseases, which are challenging to deal with. The quick solution is to use poisonous baits to attract rats and kill them in a few days. But it is not an eco-friendly option as its exposure can harm human beings and other animals. You can consider safe alternatives or organic poisons to get rid of rats in your house. 

You can contact rodent control California and clean the infestation from your property. But if you cannot afford such services, you must prefer other safe alternatives. It may take time to eliminate the infestation, but you must keep up your patience. 

Live Traps

To catch little creatures, you need to attract and trap them to avoid spreading hazardous diseases. You can buy live traps and put them where you often see the rats

It is good to keep a piece of cheese or food item so that rodents smell it and get inside the trap. Once it traps a mouse, you can throw them far away from your property. One can buy it at a reasonable price from any hardware store and use it easily. 

Sticky Mat

You can buy a mat or cardboard with sticky glue on it. Like traps, you must put them where rodents live or move often. The adhesive can stick the rats on the mat for a long time. Even if they try hard, they cannot remove that glue. 

To trap them, put some pieces of grains to get the attention of little creatures and throw them away. You should not touch the glue as it is hard to remove from your skin.   


Electric Shock Low-Power Rodent Mat

Many individuals cannot kill rats, and they prefer to repel them. The electric shock mat is relatively harmless and helps keep rodents away. You can quickly get it from the local store. Using this product can prevent rats from entering your house and avoid infestation. 

You will not harm any creature during the process and allow them to move away automatically. It may be time to clear the infestation, but it is a perfect eco-friendly and harmless gadget.  

Use Ammonia

This chemical is readily available in grocery and hardware stores. It works effectively as a rat repellent. You can mix this chemical with cotton balls and keep them in different corners of your house. 

Rodents stay away if you use ammonia in your house. After a few days, replace the cotton balls to keep the area fresh and clean. Ammonia has a pungent smell, keeping rodents away and not harming humans and other animals.


Ultrasonic Rodent Repeller Device

Rats hate high-frequency sounds and will not stay for a moment when you activate the ultrasonic device. You can purchase the device online and switch it on. 

Slowly, the pests will leave your house, and it works effectively on rats. But you must use the device carefully as it can affect other electronic devices or your furniture if misused. 

Final Thoughts

You can control rodent infestation in an eco-friendly way by following the tips mentioned above. Compared to poisonous baits, these alternatives will not kill any creature but will keep them away from your house. You must try the mentioned methods and see the difference with time.