5 Ways To Find Eco Friendly Packaging Solutions for Your Business – 2024 Guide

Raising environmental awareness among people is widespread and it became a trend all around the world. Various international organizations strive to implement eco-friendly living policies on many aspects of life. Trade, industry and production are considered the biggest culprits for the contamination of water, air, soil and everything natural that surrounds us. This also implies that various types of packaging we can see in stores or anywhere else are one of the biggest sources of pollution that endanger the natural environment.

Having this in mind, it’s considered that more eco-friendly solutions should be a significant part of the marketing strategy of all manufacturers and retailers.  In this way, producers support large international projects dedicated to healthy environment preservation and participate actively in them. And not only that – such moves also encourage their customers to participate.

As nowadays there’s much more awareness among producers, which makes them want to do something good for the survival of the planet, they started looking for alternative packaging methods and materials that can decompose within a certain period without compromising natural processes. If you still aren’t informed well enough on how to become a part of these planet-friendly projects, below are a few ways to find a more acceptable and environmentally-friendly way to pack your goods.

1. Use recyclable materials

Source: earthfriendlymomma.com

Materials that can be recycled after use can be a great environmental idea for your business. Recycling avoids the constant production of new packaging – you get to use the same resources all over again by turning used materials into raw ones during new production processes. This prevents waste accumulation and contributes to long-term sustainability.

Here are some super practical ideas regarding the recyclable materials you can use:

  • Cardboard

Cardboard is light and convenient for shaping, and, on the other hand, it’s strong enough to be used for packing goods. It’s a great environmental choice if you decide to contribute to the preservation of the planet through your business ideas. In addition to cardboard bags, you can also use it for other forms such as envelopes or pads, like the ones that can be seen at www.quickboxespackaging.com. Of course, the most popular and durable cardboard form is a box – and if it’s designed by a truly creative artist, you can’t go wrong with it.

  • Paper

Source: superiorfs.com.au

Another good environmental solution is to use paper for packaging purposes. Paper is often given primacy over plastic since plastic is an artificial material with different properties and it’s far from purely natural materials. Some pieces of research also show that paper production consumes incomparably less energy than plastic production, which further implies a far smaller share in air pollution. These are the reasons why most people will prefer paper and be happy to use it instead of other types of materials. It’s greatly acceptable among the population and one of the amazing  things is that customers can later use it for other purposes.

  • Recycled plastic

Although in the previous paragraph we didn’t really represent plastic as the best possible option, this material certainly has its advantages as an eco-friendly solution. Some goods will require a reliable material that won’t allow leaks, breakage and at the same time will be durable enough to withstand a higher load. That brings us to the moment of plastic glory.

Nothing can protect a liquid from leaks as well as quality plastic. Today, there are those whose label emphasizes that they are made of 100% recycled plastic. This clearly shows that a significant step forward has been made with this material so you won’t feel guilty if you include it in your strategies and plans.

2. Use biodegradable material

Source: nancyjdesign.com

Biodegradable packages are one of the most desirable solutions as with this feature, they guarantee that they won’t remain in the environment for thousands of years, but will slowly decompose under the influence of certain natural processes. Bearing this in mind, we can use them and dispose of them in places and landfills provided for that.

When it comes to protecting sensitive goods, manufacturers like to use styrofoam since it’s light and helps them prevent items from being damaged. However, it has been banned by the US government as it isn’t biodegradable, which poses a major threat. Air-filled biodegradable peanuts came as a replacement, but unlike styrofoam, they have biodegradable properties and thus don’t endanger the environment.

3. Use organic fabrics

Source: sewport.com

We are all well aware of the fact that plastic bags are one of the biggest polluters and that they are mostly used in the sphere of trade. Numerous companies keep using them regardless of the consequences, which may raise the question: how can this problem be solved then? The answer is simple – in order to raise awareness among business owners, it’s necessary to suggest a solution that will be equally good and effective.

One of them might be the use of bags made of organic fabrics. The choice is really large, starting from organic cotton, through palm trees to hemp. Besides these, there are various other options among which business owners can choose the most economically acceptable one for themselves and thus take part in transferring this awareness to their customers.

4. Reuse

Reuse has also led to a reduction in excessive and harmful production of packaging that doesn’t have biodegradable properties. Besides, it has proven to be a very practical solution since the purpose of the box or bag that’s used again can be multiple.

This means a bunch of savings for all those who want to focus on circular business. Therefore, such measures are also an economic benefit to them. Returnable boxes, bottles, or bags can become a regular part of the business policy that should be respected by all users of your goods. Organic fabric bags can be multi-purpose and have the role of a purse as well, for example. Cool, right?

5. Eco-friendly design

Source: swedbrand-group.com

Once you have made the right choice in terms of future wrapping for your products, it would be good to design it and thus make it even more striking and appealing. Talk to your team of employees and encourage them to suggest possible solutions, and once it’s done and you have a perfect idea,  hire a graphic artist to help you design planet-personalized bags.

This will attract everyone’s attention and make customers think about their attitude towards the environment and the responsibility that’s on all of us. Of course, the colors must be following the rules of the represented policy – the greener, the better!


By advocating environmental principles and supporting projects to keep our planet healthy through your business ideas, you’re making this planet a better and healthier place to live. This further implies the long-term sustainability that all generations should strive for, so don’t wait too long to become part of a team that strives for a better tomorrow.