Do You Want To Generate An Ecommerce Store? Which One Would You Prefer Shopify Or Bigcommerce?

They represent the platforms to build popular and used online stores, Bigcommerce and Shopify, being the most demanded as generators of electronic commercialization’s, it is important to conceive an exhaustive comparison, the similarities and the differences, the determining characteristics of them, having this way a vision how to choose the best software.

Why do we choose these two platforms? They simply represent the best options that are present in the market, so it is significant to decipher both, taking into consideration the similar characteristics and choose the most convenient for each user.

Online marketing with both software offers the client robustness and highly advanced functionalities, responding to the user’s own needs, both being in competition with each other.

If you are interested in being part of the ecommerce universe, launching a store with great content and functionalities keep reading this post and you will know something incredible, having the right features for the user.

What is Bigcommerce?

Commerce tool that allows the business to be highly scalable, software that offers different functionalities for small companies and wholesalers.

Something determining is the Big commerce support 24/7, available to guide and solve the problems of the users.

What is Shopify?

Considered one of the most notorious, thought for those new to the virtual marketing universe, being very easy to use, you don’t want design and coding skills.

Similarities between Shopify vs Bigcommerce

  • Both are very affordable
  • They are easy to handle
  • Unlimited space
  • Offers solutions for high-volume businesses
  • High bandwidth capacity
  • They provide a variety of templates to choose from
  • You have unlimited products available
  • Bigcommerce supports all days of the year, also Shopify has this functionality
  • Inventory management.

What is the difference between Shopify and Bigcommerce?

Although it seems that these platforms are very similar, they have remarkable differences.

  • Shopify was founded in 2006, and is thus older in the market than Bigcommerce, starting its development period in 2009.
  • Shopify provides the following features to the user
  • Based on popularity, Shopify is clearly the winner.
  • Bigcommerce has been stagnating, while Shopify is constantly growing.
  • Shopify is considerably easier to use based on user feedback

Which one to choose?

Choosing between Big Commerce vs Shopify after seeing its features and similarities may seem complicated; however the extraordinary benefits and particularities of Shopify make it the right choice and the winner.

Shopify has access to a large number of ecosystems and communities, having designers and developers to assist users, allowing them to generate income according to their needs.

Very comfortable and secure platform to those new merchants, generating a software easy to use to individuals who have little knowledge in this online commerce.

Shopify stands out in:

  • Easy and comfortable to use
  • Flexibility
  • Possibility of a variety of designs
  • Simple language
  • Diversity of topics
  • Specialist help all year round
  • Hosting Services
  • Sales reports
  • Security, being a fundamental factor for its creators.

We recommend Shopify because it is the platform that provides visual aids, an intuitive and friendly interface.

You will have a store immediately in just a few hours; this will allow you to start generating income imminently, without loss of money and time.

Shopify represents the ideal software to generate a store in a possible and simple way, users will have at their disposal a tool that allows you to establish the web quickly.