Cryptocurrency Trading Pitfalls All New Traders Need To Avoid

The lifetime of a person is filled with a lot of upsides and downsides. There are the great moments that you go through and the rocky phases that are inevitable. A considerable part of it could be due to money and financial issues. Fluid or liquid currency is fast paced and ever moving.

Some definite defeats and losses are expected for sure. An excellent and rational thinking pattern is actually to accept that you will inevitably face many failures. Still, the key to sound financial planning is ensuring that you have smooth sailing even with the losses you face. In terms of a personal opinion, we actually make many investments in our day-to-day life.

And most of them are not even financial. Visit this site to know more about cryptocurrencies and the ones that currently have a significant effect on our markets. It is also one of the best sites on the internet for you to know how to trade crypto properly. The act of investing is a massive part of our financial world.

It is a mere fact that almost everything artificial is a brainchild from the process of investment. Investing is what makes people funnel money into profitable ventures for sustainable development and a promising future.

Most of the institutional buildings you see all around you needed a substantial investment of money to help make it. Small businesses become large, MNC’s make global conglomerates, and so much more, all with the help of investing. It is a huge stepping stone in our lives and financial journeys.

Obstacles That New Traders Usually face With Cryptocurrencies

People all over the globe who take part in investing activities inevitably face losses. And we’re not talking about cryptocurrency only. We’re talking about all forms of currency that are actively traded. Stocks, forex, crypto, anything that is an investment with monetary terms will have a definite risk level to it.

A huge drawback is that cryptocurrencies can lead to huge losses, especially since people do not understand them fully. Another thing with cryptocurrencies is that you’re likely to lose a lot more than you expect.

Yes, you could even lose the entirety of your money if it comes down to it. That being said, let’s take a look at the various obstacles new traders usually face with cryptocurrency trading.



Safety and security are of top priority when it comes to finances. What use is owning a lot of money if you don’t have a system to store it safely? To an approach that challenges the physical world in terms of safety and security of their finances, the cyber world can be unsafe as well sometimes. The main downside to the cyber world is that it is a human build. And anything that we’ve built has been proven to be bent or broken from time to time.

The cyber-world runs on programming which hackers and other cyber offenders can attack from time to time. A lot of people report that their currency has been stolen with a virus.

Crypto scams

Another widespread trouble that new traders face due to lack of experience is many crypto scams on the internet. The internet is a prominent place with many people ready to exploit others from the nooks and crannies of the system.

Sometimes, they hide in plain sight, and you watch your money go without even knowing it. They are highly prevalent on social media and other internet platforms. The first thing is that you never hold conversations with people who promise you many-fold returns on crypto investment into their ventures.

Changes in price


One of the most common things to happen is the change in price changes in the cryptos on the market. People’s reaction to this one characteristic about the crypto market can tell you what type of person they are in the world of investing.

Most people invest, watch their stock or crypto dip in price, and directly buyout. This change in the price level can be due to various factors. One of the critical factors is the supply and demand levels for crypto in the market.

Based on how they change, the price level of the crypto automatically rises or dips.

Laws, Rules, and Regulations

Rules and regulations are for our good, right? Aren’t they supposed to control a few things that would be harmful to investors on the market? Setting up a body of legislation is what will maintain order even in the financial world. Various people can exploit others, and sometimes people themselves can use the system if the rules are not absolute.

The upside of the crypto world is also its most significant drawback. There is no federal body that oversees the transactions between two people. This means that any breach of contract between both parties will not be enforced by law or any other legislative body.

The lack of a federal body between both parties ensures lower security during breaches, and you cannot get your money back once you lose it.

Complete loss of money


Another considerable drawback with trading cryptos and a frequently shocking phenomenon is when trades are likely to lose all their money on their e-wallets due to the corruption of their wallets. This can be highly damaging and heartbreaking to be losing months or even years of progress if your antivirus systems are not updated.

Viruses that you catch online can infiltrate your entire hard disk on your laptop or computer and lead to the complete loss of all your money. This is even worse than what is usually with physical cash because it is easier to safely store money and not lose all of it in contrast to virtual money.


Cryptocurrencies are the future of money transactions. Just as everything else that is turning digital in our lives, transactions are increasingly becoming digital and will virtually vanish from the physical platform. But they do have their own drawbacks and pitfalls.

It is the responsibility of the investor or trader to ensure doing his activities in an optimal way in order to minimize losses effectively. Blindly investing in cryptocurrencies without learning their drawbacks can be a bit of a shocker for you later on.