9 World Countries Where You Can Get In Trouble For Online Gambling

Gambling online Is fast, fun and very convenient, which is why millions of people do it every single day. The opportunity of a major payday attracts many across the world – but not the entire world.

There are several countries in the world where online gambling and gambling, in general, are strictly prohibited and punishable by law. However, those laws are not enough to stop some players since they will gladly use VPN and play to their heart’s content.

Now, even though that might seem like an ingenious move, if you get caught using a VPN to gamble online – one of the two things will happen. One – you’ll get banned from the online casino. And, two – you’ll get in trouble with the law.

Since the second issue seems a bit more serious, let’s talk about those countries where you could get in trouble for online gambling.

1. The United Arab Emirates

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It is a very common practice for gambling to be prohibited in Islamic countries since gambling is a sin, according to Islam. And, since UAE is an Islamic country, online gambling is not only frowned upon – it is punishable by jail time under the country’s penal code. Because of it, the country’s TRA controls all internet content, including online casinos, so you don’t really have an option to access any gambling website without turning to VPN or a browser like Tor. However, since UAE is arguably the “progressive” Islamic country, the authorities are known to turn a blind eye to this issue, mainly because online gambling is quite an unregulated grey area.

2. Brunei

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Brunei is another Islamic country that prohibits gambling of any kind – including playing online. Unlike the United Arab Emirates, Brunei’s authorities aren’t as forgiving or blind to this issue. In fact, Brunei has some of the world’s strictest laws against gambling in any way, shape, or form. That’s not to say that you can’t do it if you know how to. However, if you get caught – you will feel the consequences. Most of the time, those caught gambling are punished with jail time.

3. Qatar

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If you thought that online gambling would get you in trouble in Brunei, wait ‘till we tell you about Qatar.

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out of all countries in the world. As expected, a strict policy like that has led to an incredibly intricate and widespread underground gambling scene, which has nothing to do with online gambling, per se, but in the eyes of the law – the two are the same. Many end up in jail every year, not to mention the astronomical fees they have to pay for breaking the law. So, if you ever find yourself in Qatar – don’t try and gamble.

4. Cambodia

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Cambodia is another Asian country on this list. It is a country known for ancient temples, gorgeous beaches and resorts, and a historical issue with gambling addiction. As you probably know, poor countries such as Cambodia usually birth gambling addicts because people try to get some money one way or another, and that’s exactly what happened. Because of it, in 1996, the Cambodian authorities have banned gambling for its citizens in all formats. However, this does not apply to tourists and foreigners that visit the country. Therefore, you won’t have to worry about getting in trouble for visiting slothunter if you’re simply vacationing there.

5. Lebanon

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Lebanon has laws in place that state that all unauthorised gambling is illegal, with the emphasis being on the word “unauthorised”. The authorities have complete control over the internet content, much like they do in UAE, which means they can block access to an online casino rather easily. However, Lebanon allows for online gambling at dedicated and designated online casinos. So, in Lebanon, the only way to get in trouble for gambling online is if you stray off course and gamble somewhere you shouldn’t.

6. North Korea

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North Korea is notorious for its strict laws and outright dictatorship, so it shouldn’t surprise us when we hear that both online and traditional gambling are illegal and are severely punishable by law. However, they’re only illegal for the citizens of North Korea. Tourists are not prohibited from indulging themselves in these activities, and there are even guided tours to Pyongyang, where the country’s only casino is located so that tourists can gamble if they want to.

7. Singapore

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Singapore’s laws on gambling are not as straightforward as one might like them to be. Namely, on paper, every form of gambling is illegal in Singapore. Sports betting, online casinos, slot and other machine-based gaming, and even lottery are strictly prohibited. However, there are exceptions to this rule. The country’s Betting Act grants extensions to the main gambling operators. So, we’re not exactly looking at the matter of prohibiting gambling as much as we’re looking at a clear monopoly of the market.

8. Japan

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Japan did not allow any form of gambling up until a few years ago. There were a few exceptions here and there, namely with a game called Pachinko and some racetracks. As far as online gambling is concerned, Japan still strictly prohibits it, even though they allowed for land-based casino games back in 2016. So, if you want to try your luck while in Japan, you won’t be able to do it through your phone. Instead, you’ll have to go to a resort and play IRL.

9. Cyprus

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Cyprus is our first European county on the list. Now, Cyprus’ gambling laws are a bit confusing, and there are restrictions at every turn, but when it comes to online gambling, the only thing that you should know is that unless it’s sports betting – it’s prohibited and punishable by law. Now, to be fair, you probably won’t get into too much trouble for trying to gamble online in Cyprus, as you would in Qatar or Brunei, but we still wouldn’t advise it.


The usual punishment for gambling online in these nine countries is short-term jail time and a hefty fine, which is why not a lot of people push their luck with it. Aside from these nine, you could also get in trouble for gambling online in Afghanistan, Algeria, Indonesia, Pakistan, the Vatican, and even the Cayman Islands.