7 Reasons to Switch From Corporate Uniforms to Polo Shirts

Are you looking for a way to make your staff more approachable for customers and others they engage with? It may be time to ditch the corporate 2-piece suits for a more casual alternative. Ever considered switching the collar shirts for polo shirts and semi-formal pants?

Many business owners are making use of the embroidery services Sydney locals are relying on to create a more comfortable, relatable workforce. By opting for a range of polo shirts, you can easily create the perfect mix between comfort and professionalism.

Companies are turning to custom embroidered polo shirts as a modern alternative to traditional work uniform styles. If you’re still on the fence about making the switch, keep reading. We take a look at the top ways that your employees and your brand will benefit from a more casual work uniform.

Source: theuniformedit.com.au

1.  Enhances Brand Awareness

The biggest drawcard for polo shirts is that branding can easily be embroidered on them. This can be in the form of a logo, slogan, specific company image or even a combination of all three. It’s an excellent way to advertise your brand and your product.

Having employees wearing your logo gets your brand advertised without too much effort on your part. Keep in mind that your branding goes wherever your employee goes. This ultimately makes your employees walking billboards!

Plus, customers will feel more comfortable approaching your team about products or services on offer, because they know they’re talking with a company representative.

2. Promotes Company Culture

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Embroidered polo shirts are an excellent way to promote your company’s culture. Polo shirts can easily be customised to showcase your company’s core principles. A wide variety of design tweaks and embroidery styles make it easy to find the perfect style to show the world what your company culture is all about.

Furthermore, having your employees dress the same is an excellent way to enhance camaraderie and initiate teamwork. This, in turn, nurtures a sense of belonging and encourages employees to work toward common goals.

3. Creates a Professional Appearance

When you style your branded polo shirts with the right type of pants, you can easily create a professional look that still upholds your company image. Additionally, by providing employees with neat outfits, customers will see your brand as a business that takes care of its employees. And this can spark more respect for your company.

4. Reduces Employee Clothing Expenses

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The average employee spends a considerable amount of money on clothing. This is because our personal style of clothing often varies quite significantly from the corporate wear we work in. Investing in two sets of clothing can be quite costly in the long run.

Issuing staff with a set of work polos will save employees money and reduce the need to invest in two very different wardrobes. Furthermore, this also eliminates the stress of lower-income workers having to spend a fortune on corporate clothing they don’t wear out of the work environment.

5. Comfortable and Cool

Not everyone feels comfortable in a collared shirt and formal pants and it’s very difficult for employees to perform at their best when they feel uncomfortable. Keep in mind that this discomfort is easily picked up by potential customers.

Most polo shirt manufacturers use 100% cotton, making the material both comfortable and breathable. Since polo shirts can have long or short sleeves, you can create a winter and summer uniform without compromising your professional image. Furthermore, polo shirts are easy to create in any size to accommodate all your staff’s requirements and comfort levels.

6. Any Colour Goes

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Another reason to invest in polo shirts is that you can order them in almost any colour. Opt for a colour that compliments your brand, or you can choose a bright alternative to attract attention. Either way, your team will get noticed for the right reasons.

7. Excellent for Off-Site Brand Promotion

Since many companies are becoming more involved in community projects as part of their brand awareness campaigns, it’s important to have the right look to match. The good news is that polos can easily be worn with jeans, chinos, formal pants or even a skirt.

Most companies opt for men to wear their polos, tucked in, with chinos or jeans and a stylish belt. Ladies, on the other hand, can wear their polos with jeans, formal pants or skirts. The trick here of course is to ensure that the polos are the right fit and not too baggy.

Final Thought

It’s easy to see why polo shirts have become a popular alternative to conventional workwear choices. Aside from being comfortable, business owners can add any type of company branding to polo shirts to create the perfect uniform. Whether your employees are working on the sales floor, or in the back office, opting for a quality polo will be a unique and effective way to benefit your company.