How To Know If Your Computer Is Secretly Mining Cryptocurrency

Are you a cryptocurrency trader? Well, you must know everything about the cryptocurrency mining process and the risks involved in the same. In this article, we will provide you with all the necessary information about it. With investment in digital currencies, certain risks are there as well. The process of mining needs a PC, and problems occur in it frequently. These issues might hamper your trading in various ways. Sometimes, it is pretty challenging to find out if your computer is secretly mining bitcoins. However, there are some ways in which you can quickly identify the same.

When it comes to trading in cryptocurrency, researching is essential. If you don’t research well to gain extensive knowledge, you won’t make huge profits. Nowadays, times have transformed in a good way. People can now take help from various crypto platforms to guide themselves for trading. Also, you will find many software applications that can help you to get better at trading. One of the best platforms is They offer excellent services to the users.

Whenever your computer secretly starts mining, it shows some warning signs. If you identify them at the initial stages, it will be beneficial for you. You might be interested in knowing about all these signs. So, we should not waste any time now. Let’s get started with it.

What are the ways to know if your computer is secretly mining cryptocurrency?

Some websites are responsible for these types of problems. Whenever your computer gets Cryptojacked, you might see the following signs-

Performance slows down:


One of the most common things after cryptojacking is the decrease in performance. You can quickly identify the same by doing your day-to-day tasks on it. If you face any lags or issues while working, it means that you have been crypto-jacked. Some people think that having antivirus software will protect their computers from these attacks. Well, it might be true in some cases. But one cannot consider it as a permanent solution for the same. Also, you would not be able to identify them through anti-virus programs.

While checking your computer’s speed, you must check all the programs running on your PC. Sometimes, a lack of speed and performance comes from big applications. Simultaneously, it is essential to scan your PC regularly. You will be able to find the issues at the initial stages and resolve them as well.

Heating issues become more common:

The process of mining is not as simple as it looks. It needs a high-quality PC with excellent features. If you have an average processor in your computer, mining is not possible. It is better to keep an eye on the temperature of your CPU.

Crypto-jacking can cause overheating issues. Indeed, a CPU might get heated up when big applications are running on the PC. But if you are not doing anything that can create heating problems, it is evidence that your computer is secretly mining cryptos. Overheating problems should be avoided to ensure the smooth functioning of the PC.

High electricity bill:


Have you noticed a sudden increase in your electricity bill charges? If yes, there is a possibility that your PC is mining cryptos without you knowing. Mining usually consumes a lot of electricity throughout the process. So, you have to be careful about this warning sign. Otherwise, you might lose your hard-earned money on electricity bills.

A straightforward way to keep track of electricity consumption is to maintain a record of your previous bills. In this way, you will quickly find out which month’s bill is higher and why.

More internet usage:

As we mentioned earlier, mining is not a simple process. You need advanced machines and high-speed internet to complete it. You can also find out how much internet is consumed while you mine your bitcoins. It is necessary to check internet usage from time to time. If your internet usage is higher than usual, it is an indication that your PC is having some issues regarding mining.

Visits to unreliable websites:


Whenever users visit unreliable platforms or websites, they ask you to click on advertisements, games, and more to distract you. These might spread your confidential information, which might create many problems. You should research well before visiting these sites because they contribute to crypto-jacking.

Increased CPU Usage:

The usage of the CPU is another way to find out if you have been attacked or not. All you have to do is check it on the task manager. If you notice an increase in the same, it means your computer is mining cryptocurrencies.

What are the various types of cryptojacking?

There are three types of cryptojacking-

File-based Crypto Jacking:


This type of attack occurs due to malicious files downloaded on your computer. You have to be very careful about the files you download from your emails or links. These files might contain malware and harm your device. Otherwise, you won’t find the main reason why your PC is mining bitcoins secretly.

Browser-based Crypto-jacking:

The sites you visit might also cause this type of problem. A crypto-mining script will get downloaded automatically on your PC if you enter a suspicious website. Then, through this script, the mining process will start as soon as you turn on your device. Even if you are doing something else, your computer will continue to mine cryptocurrencies for hackers.

Cloud Crypto-jacking:


Hackers try to get access to the user’s cloud account. After that, they use some techniques to start their cyberattack to mine digital currencies through the owner’s PC. As a result, the owner has to go through a massive amount of losses. You can avoid it by using a strong password and changing it from time to time.

The Bottom Line

In conclusion, we would like to say that identifying if a computer is secretly mining bitcoins might be challenging. But if you research it in detail, you can quickly get rid of the problems. We hope this article helped you in understanding some warning signs regarding the same.