Cold Air Intakes

Cold Air Intakes Unleashed: The Secret To Boosting Your Ride’s Power

Everyone dreams of owning a nice car after getting done with other important responsibilities, such as getting a house and being settled in their lives. There are many options to choose from, as the automobile industry has become very vast and popular over the years.

It now has a vast range of cars and rides that one can select, own, and customize to meet their needs and specifications. One of the most popular domains of customization is maximizing the car’s power.

When increasing the power of your rides, a common yet elegant method is to increase its cold air intake. These are a great way to cool down the interiors of your beast, thereby giving it a longer life and making it more efficient in the long run.

Cold air intakes are aftermarket specifications that might cost you a bit of your fortune, but treat it as a one-time investment that would make your car much better.

If you, too are looking for ways to boost your ride’s power, then you should consider the cold air intake systems. Many things must be taken care of before installing the system, which can be tricky for some people.

But do not worry, as you have stumbled upon the right page, as the following article deals with how to unleash the cold air intake of your ride, to unleash the beast of an engine out of it:

What Exactly Is Cold Air Intake?

Cold Air Intake

It is an aftermarket specification, a modification that you can add to your car to make the engine a bit more cooler than usual. This would also help you increase the value of your ride and help add more efficiency to the same.

It is an aftermarket specification, meaning it is not preinstalled in your car. Your ride can function just as fine without this add-on feature. But real car lovers and experts understand the importance of getting an intake system installed at your own expense.

It adds to the power of the car and the engine, making it much more stronger and powerful than ever before.

How Can You Get An Intake System Installed?

Many offline vendors and mechanics are more than happy to help and assist you in getting an intake system installed in your car. Many kits are available in the market that can easily fit in your engine space and make the engine a beast in a few hours.

However, you can also get some custom-made specifications to match the vibe, value, and interiors of your ride. This way, even though the charges might be slightly higher than the regular systems, you can ensure that you get the best car services and parts.

These days, there are ready-to-install and self-fitting systems available in the market, which can be bought easily from the local car modification shops or delivered from the internet.

These are equipped with the tools you might need to open up the engine and fit these in.

Additionally, the literature and manual that you might need to refer to are also in the pack, making the work slightly easier on your part.

How Does This Increase Power?

cold air intake for engine power
cold air intake for engine power

The cold air intake system helps to circulate colder air to your car’s main engine, making the parts cooler and preventing them from overheating.

This would help you have a more efficient engine in the long run. Additionally, replacing your air stock box with newer, more durable, and flexible air filters that allow an influx of cooler air into your car’s system increases the horsepower of the same.

Some of these systems have added obstruction from the hot air as well. This way, the system not only ensures to take in cool air from the surroundings, which is dense and better for the engine, but also removes the hot air from the same, which is less dense and much lighter and can spread easily.

By allowing more fresh air into the system, you also provision your engine to produce more power, as the denser new air has more oxygen. It is a well-known fact that oxygen is needed for combustion, and by allowing more oxygen to inflow into the engine, your car would burn less fuel, increasing the torque and horsepower of your car.

This would also help you cut the cost of fuel, as you are practically saving your fuel by increasing the inflow of dense and cold air.

What Else Should You Consider?

Checking the car’s specifications before getting any additional add-ons to your car would be a better idea, as it would help you identify the right size and dimensions for the various parts.

This would save you time whilst choosing the parts one by one and save you money and labour. Several online tools could help you make a better and sane decision.

Choosing the best type of intake is also important, as a variety of intake materials could be used. The metal ones are more durable, as it is harder.

However, these are more expensive and can be heavier as compared to the ones that are made up of plastic. The plastic ones are cheaper and lighter, making them a much more affordable and preferred choice.

Also, if you are unsure of your mechanical skills, it is always a better idea to seek some help, preferably from professionals. This would help you save time and ensure the intake is fitted perfectly.


cold air intake

The cold air intake system is one of the most popular aftermarket installations to make the car better and faster.

Not only does it help to boost the car’s performance, but it also helps to make it cooler than usual. Be careful and use the original parts only to make any modifications to your ride.