6 Signs You Have A Clogged Plumbing Vent You Need To Fix – 2024 Guide

If the drains are not completely flowing, and the water from the sink flows slowly – it is probably a sign that there is an obstruction somewhere in the plumbing installation. This is a very common problem in most households. However, sometimes we are not able to immediately recognize the problem of plumbing congestion. So, take a look at these 6 signs that indicate you have a clogged plumbing vent you should fix.

Why Are The Drains Blocked?

In our attempt to prevent or repair drain pipes – it is useful to learn how such congestion most often occurs. Two main types of blockages can occur in households. The individual drain can become clogged in the kitchen due to the disposal of too much garbage from the food – that gets into our water pipes along with the grease. Bathroom drains, mostly shower drains – are usually clogged with hair and other debris. Congestion in multiple drains is most often an indication that your main sewer line is blocked. The reason is usually always the same. Homeowners often expect too much of their drainage system – from using too much toilet paper, rinsing paper towels, and various other foreign items that find their way into our drainage systems. If you have a slow flow of water into the sink or bathtub – this is a common sign that something is blocking your sewer system.

What To Do?

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Blocked and clogged pipes can happen to anyone – most often at the most inconvenient moment. But a clogged drain is much more than a small inconvenience. Many people have experienced such a problem – so they know well what it is about. If you do not solve the problem in time, a huge “drain in your wallet” could appear – because there could be a flood, destruction of floors, walls, tiles, etc. Therefore, react in time, call a professional service, a licensed plumber – and prevent a small problem from spiraling out of control.

6 Signs You Have A Clogged Plumbing You Should Fix

Washbasins and showers are some of the most commonly used toilets in every household. Since they are used several times a day – a lot of dirt will likely accumulate in the drains over time. When washing dishes, pieces of food remain in the drain, and when washing hair or showering – hair and grease are also deposited in the drains. According to lpgs.com.au, for these reasons, it is very important to regularly maintain and clean the drains. With regular cleaning, you can protect your home from flooding and expensive repairs. We will list 6 signs that you have clogged plumbing you need to fix.

1. Smells from the drain

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If an unpleasant odor is felt from the drain – the cause may be a clogged drain. It often happens that organic residues such as food and hair are found in the drain, and over time begin to decompose. Even a small blockage can collect more and more debris – which can become so large that it eventually completely blocks the drain. When you feel unpleasant odors in the bathroom and notice that they arise from the drain – it is necessary to clean the drain immediately. This prevents complete blockage.

2. The water drains slowly

If the water in your sink or bathtub drains slowly and you see it going slower and slower every next day – the drain will probably be partially clogged at some point. Something has settled in the drainage system and blocked the flow of water – preventing it from swelling normally. Fortunately, you noticed the problem in time, before the complete blockage occurred. Simply clean your drain with some cleaning product – and you will get a normal flow of water.

3. Sound and buzzing

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Sounds echoing in your drain indicate that air bubbles are forming in your plumbing fixtures – that form when clogging interferes with water flow. Not only can it cause strange buzzing and sounds coming from your drain pipes – but it can also cause bubbles to form through the drain. When this happens, call a plumber.

4. Frequent congestion

Some drains in the house can have frequent congestion in a short period of time. This indicates that there is a bigger problem with the drain pipes. When you can’t remove the blockage with cleaning products and vacuum rubber – frequent congestion indicates the possibility that a large amount of grease and waste has accumulated in the pipes. In this case, call a professional plumber – who will find the source of the blockage and do a cable unclogging to remove it.

5. Multiple blockages in the drain

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If you happen to have several blockages in the drains at once – it is likely that the main sewer pipe has become clogged. In such cases, large floods can occur. Respond immediately and call a plumber. Inform him about the events, and the plumber will know whether to unclog the sewer with a cable or whether mechanical unclogging of the sewer is needed.

6. Flood in the house

If the clogging of the sewer is large and serious and you do not react in time – there may be a spill of water in the house. Not only can this cause great material damage to the house – but large amounts of bacteria and fungi can be created. In that case, your home will be unsafe for your family for health reasons. To avoid such a scenario, it is very important to solve the water supply problems as soon as possible to avoid major incidents and accidents.


Although most homeowners do not pay special attention to the drainage installation – it is extremely useful to notice the problem with the drain pipes or their clogging in time and eliminate it in time. Using a variety of chemicals to unclog drains can often be helpful – especially as a preventative. But when the barrier in the pipe is already firmly formed, and the drain is completely blocked – then intervention is needed. Then, call a professional who will fix the problem with tools completely safe for your drain pipes – and restore the pipe to its original condition.