Can You Still Make Money Mining Bitcoins – 2024 Guide

The most popular method of acquiring BTC in the first few years after the introduction of this cryptocurrency on the market was mining. Those people who started in the early stages of this blockchain system managed to create this currency with only a small investment. However, things are much different today, because this process is getting more complicated over time.

Therefore, it is questionable whether it is still a proper solution of making a profit with this method. On the other side, you should learn more about this market, especially about trading, which is the most popular option today. You can click here to find out more about trading models and how to properly invest in this market.

On the other hand, if you find mining a much more interesting option, you should learn about different factors that can affect profitability. In that matter, we are going to introduce you to the main features of this process and is it an effective way to earn in this market in 2024.



This is one of the main factors related to mining. The system has a unique feature where the reward for creating blocks of codes will cut in half after a certain point is reached. The last halving was during 2024 when the reward was cut from 12.5 to only 6.25 units. However, considering the current price of it, it is still an excellent option to make a great profit. Moreover, after the next event, miners will get only 3.125 units, which will occur in 2024. Besides this, there are other important things as well, such as hardware, speed of the system, and more.

Challenges in Mining

The whole system is getting more complex, and now you will need advanced hardware to be able to create blocks in a shorter time. It is not possible anymore to do that with a standard PC at your home. You will need special hardware called a mining rig. People who were interested in investing a lot of money in this cryptocurrency already have big mining centers. Therefore, the conclusion is that you will have to invest a lot of money to be more efficient. On the other hand, you should consider the expenses as well, especially those related to electricity.

Cost of Electricity


This is a key factor that can help you to determine whether it is profitable to start with the process in the first place. The hardware can be expensive as well, but it will pay off over time for sure. However, if the price of electricity is too high, mining will create bigger expenses than the value of 1 BTC before it is created. In that matter, the best countries for mining are China, Venezuela, Russia, Iceland, United States, and more. The cost of electricity in these places is quite affordable, which means that you can increase your profit there. On the other side, there are some countries like South Korea or Germany, where you won’t be able to earn much even with the current price of BTC.

Reliable Mining Pool

the fact is that solo mining is not as effective as it was in the early stages. Therefore, only those who invested a lot of money could only rely on their equipment. On the other hand, people big lower investments in hardware can become a part of some mining pool, where you can combine your resources with other people, and share the reward in the end. These platforms have advanced features where you will get a precise amount of BTC according to the resources you managed to provide.

There are various platforms available today, and you should focus on those with more active users since they offer you a chance for a faster workflow and improved efficiency. Also, many of them include some fees and expenses, and you should compare different options to find the best choice.

The effectiveness is measured with hash rate, which is the speed of your device in processing various information on the blockchain system. the additional hardware used for mining is using the hash rate for faster processing, and you should choose the right one according to this feature. That is the main resource that you will provide in the pool, and the system will calculate your reward according to it.

Additional Expenses


Besides the electricity and hardware, you have to know that some countries already introduced some regulations related to Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. For example, these assets are treated as property in the United States, and if you are a miner, you can register your business. The advantage is that you can get a deduction on your taxes regardless of your expenses of energy, hardware, and other resources. Also, you will have to pay a fee after selling the BTC on the market. Therefore, the selection of reliable online exchange services is very important as well.


It is not simple to determine whether you can make a profit with this option. You will have a make a proper calculation and include all necessary investments like hardware, electricity, taxes, fees, and more. Also, even if it sounds as profitable at the moment, you have to be aware that this trading unit is highly volatile, and prices can change quickly. Also, you should compare it with other methods like holding and trading.

According to many experts, the value will continue to rise, and if you are interested in investing more money, maybe the best option is to simply buy BTC and wait to sell it for a bigger price. Still, if you are provided with cheap electricity and you can invest additional money in proper equipment, mining represents an excellent option for making a profit, and it can stay like that even after the reward gets only to be 3.125BTC.

The current predictions are suggesting that the price might reach $100,000 in next few years, which means that even if you live in a country where electricity is highly expensive, there is still a great chance to earn a lot of money.