4 Things All Business Owners Should Know About Cybersecurity Breaches

In today’s age, one of the most concerning situations a business can face is a cyber security breach. These breaches can be extremely detrimental to the whole business and land us in some extremely hot water. Depending on the severity of the breach, we could even have our job stunted for a bit.

1. Any cybersecurity breach should be handled with proper seriousness

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It’s easy to become neglectful of cyberattacks. Sometimes, these attacks and breaches may seem minor and inconsequential. This type of thinking can easily lead to some devastating side effects on the entire business. While it may seem like certain breaches are meaningless, a lack of serious treatment can have them expand in severity in no time.

Even a simple phishing scam can become exponentially more troublesome. Sure, it could start with access to an employee’s mail but that simply opens the doors to other information and abuse of it.

Approach even the smallest problems and breaches with immediate resolutions. Don’t be afraid to invest resources into taking care of it or you may end up spending far more later.

The fact that our data is exposed should be an incredibly worrying concept to any business owner. Whether it’ll harm the business directly or through reputation doesn’t matter, the problems will come so it’s better to resolve them immediately.

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2. Make sure to keep backups

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Cyber-attacks will happen eventually and because of this, it’s important to keep our data safe with options of retrieval if any is lost during the attack. There are so many important details saved daily across our business, losing any of them could mean losing clients and money. This is why having a good recovery is important.

Whatever your business type and size is, you should make backups for all data you possess. The backup itself should be properly secured and regularly kept updated with the current state of the database our company has.

The backup will act as a source of potent recovery in case a breach in our security happens to wipe data. The best part about establishing a good recovery system is that you can rest easy and take more extreme measures of dealing with the intrusions.

3. Businesses of any size can be a target

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It’s easy to feel and think that no small business gets attacked by hackers and other cybersecurity breaches. This is because we frequently see big companies who’ve suffered hits in the news and we assume that there are no fruitful items to be taken from a smaller business. This may lower our defenses and give us a false sense of security.

The truth is, no matter how small you are you may get attacked. In fact, a smaller business may suffer more breaching attempts than a bigger one. This is because most hackers see small businesses as easy to crack. Because these types of businesses don’t have as many personnel working on cyber security or many measures in mind, they end up being far more susceptible to attacks. Additionally, some classic phishing schemes may work better on them. After all, it’s more difficult for a small business to engage with a supposed security audit than it is for a big business. The extra manpower also makes it so the phishing schemes need to fool multiple professionals.

Make sure to keep on your toes when it comes to cyberattacks no matter your business’ size. Inform the employees about the potential side effects and issues such breaches could cause to the entire business. Encourage proper behavior online and make sure they are aware of attempts that have already been made. That way, they will be far better prepared to avoid mistakes that could lead to breaches.

4. Physical security may compromise virtual one

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While more general physical security will be taken into account when establishing a business, there are some things we miss to factor in. For example, theft of items and devices tied to the business can pose a much bigger risk than one would assume at first.

The fact of the matter is, a decent number of important breaches occur because hackers get access to a physical device. These devices may contain login information for various software and mail the worker has access to. This can further the capabilities and reach of the hackers.

Take every missing device seriously. Close off the accounts associated with the device and pay extra attention to your security at times like this. The attempts of breaching your virtual security may spike and you should meet them ready to face off. Check every security measure and confirm that they are working at maximum capacity. Use available personnel to keep the cybersecurity tidy and keep them updated on recent occurrences.

You should also cooperate with local law enforcement to attempt and locate the device before further damage can be done to your business. By retrieving the item you aren’t necessarily mitigating all the problems as information could already be circulating but you do cut off a decent number of extra problems.

Enhance available physical security of your workplace too. Doing this can prevent an urgent situation such as this from happening at all. The best course of action is to make it harder to steal items from the inside so even if somebody tries to carry devices out, those that shouldn’t be removed from the office specifically, you’ll be notified. Make sure to disclose these details with the employees so they are well aware of the safety measures.


Overall, cybersecurity is an important and serious subject that should be implemented with that same level of seriousness. The security measures may get hand-waved by some as excessive or unnecessary but the fact of the matter is that you will eventually be a victim of a cyber attack. Whether that cyber-attack will impact you severely or not is all up to you and the following tips we’ve provided above. While it may not remove the entire issue it will heavily lessen the impact it has.