Best Surrogacy Agency: Creating Families With Care

At World Center of Baby, we are dedicated to helping numerous intended parents achieve their dream of having a family. With our personalized approach and 5 years’ worth of medical expertise in this field, you can be sure of your safety—and contentment throughout the entire process. Our team can help you build a better future with your own child.

Best Surrogacy Clinic: A miracle is born here

World Center of Baby is a unique and highly trusted destination for surrogacy, offering patients the following features:

Personalized creation of surrogacy programs


Because we treat each client’s story as unique and special, our experts are opposed to offering standard packages that cover all possible situations. Instead, they prefer to come up with solutions tailored specifically for each intended parent’s circumstances. We work with the best surrogacy clinic.

Thorough financial control

We check and optimize all costs for our reproductive services — a surrogacy program may be expensive, but we offer the best qualitative variant among them all.

Full control over the execution


We offer full control over the execution of your surrogacy program from start to finish. Our team takes responsibility for sharing in both risks and rewards, as well as offering maximum safety and comfort throughout the journey.

For five years, World Center of Baby has fulfilled the dreams of single parents, heterosexual and same-sex couples by contributing to the happiness in their growing families. We offer individual surrogacy solutions across the globe, without being tied to a specific geographical location.

Top Surrogacy Agency: Everything for you

Because the safety and trust of intended parents is at the core of our organization, we pay special attention to legal support in different countries. We sincerely want to omit complications related with exiting a baby from its surrogate mother, as well as avoid any unexpected legal obstructions. We simplify the process of finding a reliable, trustworthy destination for surrogacy.


Surrogacy law is a complex area of the legal system and it can be difficult to understand all the information if you do not have the proper experience. We have a team of lawyers on hand, ready to assist you throughout the process. We are a leading surrogacy agency that ensures the most convenient journey for couples seeking to build their families. If you want to make your dream come true, we will help you. We offer professional assistance in developing solutions tailored to your needs.

  • Gestational surrogacy, egg donation, IVF treatment, gay and HIV surrogacy services;
  • Perfectly matched surrogate mother to accomplish IPs’ dream of receiving a child;
  • Constant services evaluation and financial control;
  • The thorough surrogate selection process, including medical check-ups and psychological screening;
  • The best team of experts and managers;
  • Affordable cost for surrogacy programs selected just for you;
  • Lawyer groups that maintain a smooth exit process.

In addition, our database of surrogate mothers is updated every day. Plus we have a limited waiting time for successful matches to take place. World Center of Baby, a top surrogacy agency, is transparent about its surrogate recruitment policy—revealing what medical insurance coverage the surrogate will have and how much compensation she’ll receive.

Choosing to become a parent through surrogacy is one of the most difficult decisions you’ll ever make. We urge you to take the first step and get in touch with our manager, who will be happy to provide more information on this process.

Let’s start your journey towards the family of your dream.