Best OctoPlay Pokies Online in 2024

OctoPlay is one of the fresh software providers that has recently entered the online gambling market. This company mostly focuses on MegaWays slots and has already published some pokies online that became popular among Australian players.

1. Pearly Shores

Pearly Shores is one of the first pokies online created by OctoPlay. The provider has offered MegaWays early on, and it became its signature feature in further releases. As it is an early game of the developer, the graphics are rather basic. The good news is that the mechanics make the slot machine interesting to explore.

Pearly Shores has a 5×6 grid with enough options to match the slots. There are some great additional features built into the game as well. The first of them is the Pearl Multiplier mechanic, which enhances the winnings from a successful match by x100. Other features include free spin rounds, x5 and x10 payout multipliers. The maximum payout multiplier in the game is x11,000, which is more than most other machines can offer.

2. Heavy Anchor


This game was released in November 2022, so it still feels rather fresh. The visuals are more pleasant here than in the previous title, and the progress the developer made is obvious. Similarly to Pearly Shores, Heavy Anchor mostly attracts the users with its rich assortment of mechanics and interesting features.

The grid of the slot machine is also quite unusual. It has five reels, while the number of rows may reach nine. The Return To Player value of Heavy Anchor is 95.73%. Its maximum winning multiplier is x11,000. Both these parameters are significantly higher than average. This pokie comes with the feature of MegaWays and some other additional mechanics.

3. Hot Harvest

Hot Harvest is a game with a huge replay value. Of all the pokies online on this list, it is the most advanced title with a unique combination of features. The graphics here are also rather nice for such a small developer. It appeals both to beginners and experienced players. The in-game tutorial makes it intuitive and easy to start, while the comprehensive mechanics make it interesting to explore the title further.

It also has a grid with five reels and six rows. The basic additional features include Free Spins and Multipliers of x5 and x10. The mechanics that make the title special are Symbol Convertion and Lock & Respin. The first one automatically converts some symbols to make the combination even more beneficial. The second one enables the players to accumulate multipliers during their game sessions. The maximum winning multiplier here is also x11,000.

4. Blazing Touch


Blazing Touch is one of the latest releases by OctoPlay, and it is noticeable from the first second after launching the game. Its latest pokies online have much better visuals than the earlier titles, and the animations are a lot smoother. The overall quality of the machine is truly decent, and the title has become especially popular at some online casinos. Another benefit of Blazing Touch is that the interface is perfectly adapted for mobile devices.

As for the features, they are rather similar to the previous titles on the list. It is also a MegaWays game that has five vertical reels and six horizontal rows. There are Scatter Symbols available in Blazing Touch that can enhance successful combinations a lot. Another feature grants the players some free spins. In fact, there are regular Free Spins, Red Blaze Free Spins, and Blue Blaze Free Spins available here. The colored ones grant additional multipliers. The maximum payout of the game is 11,000 times the original bet.