Best Keyboard Shortcuts For MacBook Pro And Air (Tips & Tricks)

Shortcuts are there to save your precious times. Yes, I am talking about the Shortcut keys of your Keyboard for Mac users. In this rapidly growing world, one has to be quick with his work. Most of the firms are now working with Laptops and PCs and when it comes to such devices, Mac comes first. Mac OS X has a complete adorable user interface unlike the Windows.

It has various functions and features which are completely different from the others. With respect to all the users’ demands, we came up here with something very productive. Best Keyboard Shortcuts for Macbook Pro and Air. These tips will help you a lot in any manner while you are working on an Apple product. One more thing, at the end of this report don’t forget to bookmark this page so that you can easily make use of these shortcuts any time you want. Useful details are as follows! 

Best Keyboard Shortcuts for MacBook Pro and Air (Tips & Tricks)

1. Command + Shift + A/U/D

One of the most preferable use of a PC or a Laptop is to get a look on to your device’s data. Most of the people try to go to the system’s data first, either to listen to the music, or to see photos or something else. Instead of moving a finger on your trackpad and selecting a Finder folder, you can easily get into anything of this folder by the above given shortcut. If you want to see which apps are installed on the system, click Command+ Shift + A. It will give you all the applications page which are being installed on the PC. To open utilities folder, click on to Command + Shift + U and to open desktop’s folder, press Command + Shift + D.

2. Control + Option + Command + Eject

Sometimes what happens is we usually forget to shut our system. Most of the Mac users prefer to send the system into sleep mode. However, this shortcut help you to shut your system instantly. Press Control + Option+ Command + Eject all buttons together and you can easily shut your system off.

3. Control + D

Unlike the Windows system, here in Mac OS, Delete button can not be used for deleting your picture or something. It helps to rub the written words and that’s it. If you don’t want to use that button, Control + D shortcut helps you to delete the words from the starting of the cursor. And this way you can easily delete the stuffs.

4. Shift + Command + I

If you are in a hurry and want to compose a new Mail to a particular recipient, by using Shift+ Command+ I shortcut you actually can do that. This shortcut will open up a quick mail Windows and you can Compose a new mail instantly!

5. Control + Command + D

When you writing certain things, there comes a time when you might want to see the actual meaning of the written words. Instead of using right click and moving with dictionary option and other things, this Control + Command + D shortcut will get you a whole actual meaning with a new Windows instantly. You can read the meaning and immediately shut the Window right from there.

6. Control + Option + Command + 8

To change the actual look of your system’s colour, this shortcut can be used. This shortcut can only be applied on a certain times like to make a fool out of your friends or on some specific locations. However, this shortcut is not that good to make a use of it. It’s against the Mac violations and you are requested to use this feature or this shortcut at your own manual risk. We would not be the responsible persons if it gets you some annoying things on your display. Better to stay aside!

7. Option + Command + M

This Command is highly on demand. Most of the people of Mac and Windows both, don’t have a specific track of the Windows on which they are currently working on! This Option + Command + M shortcut gives you all the opened windows on your desktop, you can pick any one from them to make it a workable. It’s pretty useful and you should make use of it everyday to save a little bit of your time.

So folks, these were all the best Shortcuts available for Macbook Pro and Macbook Air. What’s your thought on this? Do you know any other shortcuts which are not available in the above list? If yes, kindly do let us know. We would like to add it to the above list so that other people too can make use of them. Meanwhile, if you have anything to ask or if there’s any queries generated on your mind, kindly put your valuable words into the following comment section. We would like to help you out with proper solutions. Your feedback is always welcomed!