Best Android Launchers Free Download

Ask anyone who uses an android device and the first point they come up with is that fact that android is easily customizable. Every android device can be customized on the user’s preference. Google provides its own stock android launcher in all the nexus devices. Companies such as Samsung, Sony and HTC provide their own custom launchers like the SENSE and Samsung’s TOUCHWHIZ. But, if you don’t like the stock launcher provided by your device manufacturer, the beauty of android allows you to change it via a huge number of options available on the lovey play store. These range from basic free apps to complex and expensive for high end users with more and more customizing options. Given below are some of the most amazing and best Android Launchers that you can download on your Smartdevice.

Best Android Launchers


This is Google’s simple and useful launcher initially provided in Google’s flagship device the NEXUS 5 but soon Google launched it on the play store. It is simple, to the point and very easy to use. Some special features include the voice recognition to Google now and for updates, just a scroll to the left most screen. It is fast and easy launcher and one of the best for people who want ease of use. Here is the download in for Google now launcher.


This is a dream launcher for Facebook fans. It provides all the latest updates from Facebook on the lock screen itself. You can choose to keep your Facebook photos as a wallpaper slideshow. This is very good for people addicted to checking Facebook as they can do it even without unlocking their devices. The Facebook launcher is available on this link


This launcher is made only for speed. It is a completely stripped out and provides the fastest possible usage of any android phone. Zeam is especially useful in phones running older version of android as it provides much faster access and speed. It is to the point and focuses mainly on improving the usage speed of older devices. It can be downloaded through this link


Apex is one of the standout launchers available on the playstore now. It creates a perfect balance between ease of use and customizing options. Its tablet version is especially good which finally allows users of nexus 7 to rotate the home screen. Also, the pro version comes with a great app notifier which pushes app widgets on the home screen with notifications. Apex Launcher can be downloaded here


Nova is one of the best android launchers available now with great customizing options available and also great performance on average phones. The cubic app register is a standout feature and gives a fresh and new loo to the device. There is also a prime version with some more options but overall, it is not very different than the free one. It can be downloaded here

So these were the best Android Launchers that you can download in your Smartphones in order to have a brand new experience of Android interface in your hands.