7 Best 40th Birthday Gifts For Uncles

Have you ever noticed how difficult it is to choose a gift for, say, your uncle? Aunts and cousins are simple, because jewelry, makeup, and handbags never go out of fashion. But what to give to your favorite uncle for his 40th birthday? Here are some of our suggestions.

Choosing A Gift Is Always A Great Challenge

Your uncle is your favorite character in the family. An everlasting joker, adventurer – or maybe a gamer or gadget lover. Still, his 40th birthday is approaching and now you’re thinking about what kind of gift would be ideal for this occasion. Your uncle is entering his mature years, although many people claim that the ‘40s are the new ‘20s. Precisely for all these reasons, choosing a gift is an even bigger challenge for you. Although in the 40’s the desires and views on life are usually different from the desires of someone who is much younger – that still doesn’t mean that people can’t have a youthful spirit. On the contrary! Therefore, choose the gift to the needs and personality of your uncle – who is on the verge of what many call the best years. When giving a gift, of course, good intentions are always most important – even if the gift is amusing, humorous – or even daring or bold.

What To Choose As A Gift For Uncle Who Turns 40?

When giving gifts, it is always important how close we are to the person to whom we are giving something. This closeness and connection dictate whether those gifts will be personal in nature – and how conventional or completely unconventional they will be. If your uncle is a witty person who likes to joke, and you know each other well – it is possible, for example, to give him mini sex dolls that you can find on xndoll.com, without him being offended or thinking that you are making fun of him because of his age. On the other hand, if your uncle is a more serious person – some other gift would be much more appropriate.

1. Car navigation

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Men in their 40s are in their mature years, but most of them are still adventurous at heart. If your uncle is also adventurous, then he certainly loves traveling. Since we are talking about travel and what goes with it – here is another useful aid for those who like to travel by car. Car navigation is definitely something that will make it much easier to get to a certain destination – so it will certainly be a gift that will cheer up your favorite uncle.

2. Tickets for the sports match, concert, play

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If the uncle you want to give something to is still a youthful spirit – you can choose to give him tickets for your favorite show. Also, you can choose to buy him tickets for the concert he wants to go to or for one of the games of the club he supports. Of course, your budget will dictate what kind of tickets it will be – but they can also be for some events abroad.

3. Laptop stand

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Nowadays, it is normal to give gifts that are related to the daily use of technical aids – and a laptop is one of them. A practical and beautiful laptop stand can be a great gift for your uncle. He will be able to organize his work on it without much effort.

4. Fishing equipment and accessories

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If you are looking for a gift for an uncle who loves fishing and relaxing in the silence of nature – get him a fishing pole. If he already has it and there is no need to change them – you can always give him a small fishing set that you will make from several things that anglers use. Look for a few special lures, a box for those lures, and suitable hooks in specialized stores – so pack them with a small folding chair, thermo-cup, or some fishing magazine. Try to find out what would suit him best and then adjust and combine your gift accordingly.

5. Shaving cream dispenser

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Every man, (even your uncle) has a need to shave. Some more, some less, but they all need accessories that will make it possible. A real gift for that purpose could be a shaving cream dispenser. This appliance keeps the cream warm and thus enables a better and more comfortable shave. The very fact that your uncle doesn’t have to spray shaving cream from a bottle, but can take it from the dispensary with one hand, speaks of the practicality of this gift. The fact that the cream is warm is a pure bonus.

6. Barbecue accessories

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Maybe your uncle is known for making a good barbecue and he loves doing that job. Many people often compete with each other in this and often recount their achievements as barbecue masters. Some of them know the secret of the right marinade for a certain type of meat – while others know how it should be grilled and the like. You should not be burdened with that at all, it is enough to get your uncle the latest achievements in the field of grilling and to enjoy what the master prepares.

7. Massage chair

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If your budget is quite large and you are in a close relationship with the uncle you want to make happy – a massage chair will be a great gift that is always gladly accepted. There is no person who does not like a good massage and who doesn’t want someone to afford that massage – and when someone gives you the whole massage chair, all the terms are just yours and you can enjoy it indefinitely. We are sure that your favorite uncle will appreciate this gift very much.


We hope you find among our suggestions something that could be a suitable gift for your uncle who turns 40. Of course, there are some classic gifts that are universal for all occasions – but there are also some that are more original or personal. It is up to you to try to find out what it is that “something” that would make your uncle happy. After that, all you have to do is throw yourself in search of an adequate gift.