A Look At The Latest Mobile Gaming Gadgets

It’s been more than two years since smartphones overtook desktops as the platform of choice for browsing the web. Yet this has turned out to be just the first step in a wider shift towards mobile in other aspects of our online lives.

Gaming is a case in point. Mobile games were once seen as the poor relations compared with console or PC, due primarily to the reduced processing power and screen resolution. It wasn’t so long ago that playing a game on mobile felt like stepping back 10 years in time. Now, all that has changed. Even an intermediate level smartphone can match a laptop, and a high end gaming phone is likely to be significantly more powerful.

Mobile gaming has reached a point where it is on a par with other platforms, and it could be that the days of the console are drawing to a close. From Fortnite-obsessed kids to the millions of FIFA players to adult gamers poring over the online casino guides to get an extra edge at the blackjack table, mobile is becoming the gaming weapon of choice. This has opened up a whole new market for developers, who have rushed to bring an assortment of products to the market that enhance mobile gaming pleasure.

VR Goggles

Virtual Reality gaming has had something of a rocky start. When the Oculus Rift was released back in 2016, the world celebrated the arrival of a new age. Three years on, those who rushed to the shops are left thinking about the other ways they could have spent their $400.

The truth is that VR will continue to develop, but it is going to be a longer road than some anticipated, and it will be a while before FIFA players will feel they are really in the thick of the action at Wembley Stadium or Grand Theft Auto devotees can walk the streets of Vice City. Low-cost headsets like the Merge VR goggles allow you to stay in touch with the latest VR gaming developments without spending a fortune.

Extra Power

Unless you invest in a specialist gaming phone, you’ll find that an hour or two of gaming can really sap the battery, even on a high-end handset. No problem when you’re at home, but it defeats the object of mobile technology if you constantly need to be close to a power outlet.

A portable power bank is a gadget that will appeal to any gamer. There is a good choice out there, including some clever ones that use solar power, so take some time to choose the right one for you.

A Controller

Tilt and tap is fine for some games, but with others, only a controller will do. Again, there are a few choices on the market. The Gamevice controller is one that neatly fits onto your phone turning it into one big handset console. Alternatively, there are products like the Kanex GoPlay, which is a separate controller that connects wirelessly to your phone. Ideally, get yourself and your phone along to a gadget shop to try both types out.