5 Reasons Why It’s Okay To Use Headphones At The Gym

You must have seen a few people in the gym working out while rocking their headphones on. You may think it’s ridiculous but for them, it gives them power…or maybe they just prefer to listen to their own kind of music. Today, we’ll show you why it’s good to use headphones while at the gym.

But first, let’s check out some particular headphones that are good while working out.

The Most Common Headphones During Exercise

Among all kinds of headphones, the plugs are the most favorable, especially the wireless types. This is because these plugs are easily placed and they don’t move too much especially when you’re doing high-intensity workouts. Some still use wired earbuds but the wires are thicker tougher than your standard earplugs that come with the mobile device. These are built to last long so the wires don’t get broken as time goes by. Additionally, the plug materials are intentionally built to stick to your ears even if you sweat excessively. Some also include hooks that you can loop around your ears so they don’t fall off at all.

Second after the earplugs, are closed headphones – yes, the large ones with earcups. This kind of headphones may be heavier on the head but it sure does have much better sound quality especially with the bass. Audiophiles tend to pick over-ear headphones than earplugs since they always have better slew rates. It also comes with a wireless option too which is much better especially when running or doing any cardio exercise. Some people prefer earplugs over the large headphones because the former is lighter and easier to keep. If you’re using audiophile sport headphones, it’s quite heavier than the usual headset.

However, the main drawback to sports headphones is that they’re more expensive than standard. Sure, there are some good cheap earbuds for exercise but they’re still pricier by comparison. What makes them expensive are their better sound quality and sweat-proof features. The problem with standard headphones while exercising is that the sweat can cause massive damage to it. The sound quality becomes more muffled, volume gets lower, and it tends to have this annoying “cracking” sound if your standard headphones have absorbed too much sweat or water. Not only does it affect sound quality but its overall physical properties as well. The earcup surface shreds, its padding coating deteriorates and earplugs loosen from your ears because it keeps slipping.

But is it worth getting sports-type headphones? Absolutely, especially if you’re a highly active person that loves to hit the gym and work out.

And so, let us look at the reasons why it’s good to use headphones at the gym.

#1 It helps you focus

Some people may think you’re an airhead for bringing headphones to the gym but in reality, they don’t know the context of it. Much like doing homework and de-stressing after a long day in the office, headphones can help you relax and focus on the most important aspect: yourself. Naturally, you’ll find lots of people working out with you. But if you’re the type that prefers to do what you need to do in your own personal space, the headphones serve as your best friend.

Amidst the crowd, the joy of music can help you isolate yourself from the other and just focus on the music and your exercise. It also acts as a guide too. While you do burpees, you use the beats of the song to help you count how many you’re already doing. So as long as you’re wearing sports headphones, you don’t need to worry about adjusting it while doing a full circuit.

#2 The Music Gets You Hype

Sometimes, you just don’t feel like working out. Feeling sluggish? Why not play some fast-paced music to get you going? Create a playlist for yourself that is full of songs that are adrenalin-pumping. You don’t want to workout with elevator music. You will need strong and semi-loud songs to get your heart racing while jogging, doing sit-ups or bench-pressing.

Music is subjective so make sure you have your own set of songs to get you by and never stop moving.

#3 The Music Gets You Relaxed

Contrastingly, music can also help you ease down. While you have music for the main exercise, you will need music for taking a break or cooling down. You don’t want to catch your breath and lower down the intensity while the bass drops. You got to have some chill in your playlist. Get yourself some rewarding and soothing music to help your mind and heart feel united with the song as you breathe.

Headphones with relaxing music on whilst working out is also a great way to de-stress and active oxytocin, which helps put you in a good mood and reduce depression.

#4 It is a Good Crowd Control

Love exercise but hate the crowd? Put your headphones on. This is a good way to counteract all those loud yoga moms, obnoxious muscle heads and friends laughing louder than Jack Nicholson as The Joker. If you’re the type that gets easily bothered by other people, just use your headphones and listen to your music. Sure, they may think you’re odd for having headphones inside the gym despite the speakers playing music but who cares? The only one you should look out for is yourself. With headphones (especially with active noise cancelling), you can forget the world and focus on looking good.

#5 Headphones are Good for Pacing

If you don’t have a pacer or handy timer, using headphones is good enough. What I mean is that the music you listen to is viable to use for your pacing. For example, each beat counts as a second or squatting with the rhythm help you do your exercise more properly. Each thud you hear in the song can be used for lifts and every chorus counts as the moment you speed up on the treadmill while slowing it down when the chorus ends.

While some articles may say that using headphones while exercising brings potential harm, we just want to look at hints of why some people are still insistent of using headphones while at the gym. As it turns out, it does have benefits too. Just remember, only use headphones built for working out. Do not ever use standard headphones. Sure, sports headphones may be expensive but they were intentionally made to use while you work out since its materials and features are unlike sitting down on the couch and listening to lo-fi hip-hop while doing homework at 3 am.