5 Fantastic Moving Apps That Will Take Some Of The Weight Off Your Shoulders

Moving into a new home is exciting, but it’s also very challenging and you want to make sure you have the situation under control. I bet you already use lots of apps on a daily basis, so take a look at these ones that will deal with different aspects of your move and they’ll take some of the weight off your shoulders.

Mark On Call

This app doesn’t have anything to do with the move itself, but it will help you determine where to put everything when you get to your new home. If you enter the dimensions of your new home you’ll end up with a 3D representation of each room and you can start playing around to figure out where everything should go. It will all be saved on the app and when you eventually get around to unpacking your boxes you will know how to set each room up perfectly.


Here is another app that will help you once you’ve already arrived at your new home. I don’t know how eager you’ll be to unpack all your boxes, but I bet you won’t feel like cooking up anything special for the first few days. That means you will need to eat out unless you want to starve and the Urbanspoon app will help you locate all the restaurants in your neighborhood. It will also help you find restaurants based on price if you don’t want to spend too much money.

Moving Planner

When you’re stuck trying to pack thousands of items it’s very easy to forget certain things. Unless you scan your home from top to bottom you might accidentally forget something important, but that won’t happen if you use the Moving Planner app because it will give you a list of all the important things you should take with you. You’ll obviously have extra stuff you won’t find on the app, but since you’ll be able to build up your own lists there is no way you’ll forget anything.


Take a look around your home at the moment and you’ll realize just how much stuff you’ll have to pack up and take with you when you move. One of the big questions you’ll probably ask yourself is how much everything will weight when it’s all packed up. The moving company you hire will definitely need to know this because they’ll need to use a truck big enough to fit in all your boxes. MoveMatch will give you an approximate weight after you’ve plugged in all your numbers.

My Move

If you’re only taking a few boxes with you to your new home you might be able to hire your own little van, but if you have tons of boxes you will need to call on professionals and My Move will help you find the right company. You might also have specific needs, so you’ll need to call upon piano movers if you have a large piano and the app can help you drill down until you find someone who will fit your needs. The guesswork is also taken out of the equation because you’ll be able to read lots of reviews.