5 Best WP Plugins For Marketers In 2019

Running a WordPress site can be a challenge even for the most experienced marketers. There are many factors that go into marketing on WordPress, from search engine optimization to lead conversion via email campaigns. In other words, things can get complicated and overwhelming if you’re not using the right tools for the right purposes. If you’re trying to grow your business with WordPress or you’re a marketer in charge of running a client’s site, we are going to help you make your job easier. We have put together a list of five best WordPress plugins that help marketers get things done more quickly and efficiently.

#1 Omnisend

Omnisend is an advanced marketing automation platform that helps marketers grow their businesses through WordPress and other e-commerce platforms. Besides efficient email marketing, Omnisend offers a variety of features that turn visitors into customers. They provide custom automation based on your data to drive more sales and conversions to your business. With Omnisend, marketers can create targeted messages tailored to their specific audience. The service also provides tools for creating sign-up forms, marketing campaigns, and automation across multiple different channels. Omnisend is very easy to integrate on WordPress and it allows marketers to make use of their data in the most efficient way possible.

#2 Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO is one of the most popular WordPress plugins that helps marketers effectively optimize their sites for search engines. Search engine optimization strategies are a powerful way to drive traffic to a website through organic reach. With Yoast SEO, marketers can easily optimize their WordPress sites to rank them higher on Google search. Thanks to this plugin, you don’t have to be an expert to rank your website for specific keywords. Yoast SEO offers all the tools needed to make search engine optimization effortless. It allows you to optimize your content for specific words and phrases, as well as gain an insight on how your content is performing.

#3 CheetahO

CheetahO is a WordPless plugin that every site should be using. It provides powerful image optimization tools that can compress image size and allow sites to load faster. Heavy images that take up too much space can slow your website down. A slower website means bad user experience, which results in a higher bounce rate. To make sure people don’t give up on your site because it takes too long to load, install the CheetahO plugin to compress images and speed up the site’s performance. The faster loading speed will not only make the user experience much better but it will also help improve your site’s ranking on Google search.

#4 OptinMonster

OptinMonster is a lead generation software that uses email marketing to convert website visitors into paying customers. This plugin offers plenty of well-designed email opt-in forms and campaigns such as pop-ups and sidebar forms. Besides offering templates, OptinMonster also allows users to strategically display sign-up forms on the website and make them appear at the right time. The service provides features that catch abandoning visitors and help convert incoming traffic into potential sales.

#5 ThirstyAffiliates

Last but not least, ThirstyAffiliates is a convenient plugin for marketers who want to set their sites up to generate passive income. This plugin helps integrate affiliate marketing links in WordPress. Marketers use it to strategically place links and track their performance. ThirtsyAffiliates is a very easy plugin to set up. Once in place, it helps increase conversion rates on affiliate links, thus creating passive income on your site. If earning affiliate commissions is one of your goals with WordPress, ThirstyAffiliates is a plugin you must have!


One of the reasons why WordPress is the most popular website platform is because it allows the integration of a variety of plugins. If you’re not using any of these plugins listed above, you’re definitely not getting the most out of WordPress marketing potential. Plugins such as Omnisend and SEO Yoast can help take your website to the next level. Increasing conversion rates and turning visitors into customers will be a lot easier once you start integrating the right tools on your site. Furthermore, plugins such as CheetahO and OptinMonster can provide better user experience and boost search engine ranking. For those who want to get the best out of a WordPress site, use ThirtsyAffiliates to set up affiliate marketing links for passive income.