5 Best WhatsApp Alternatives For Android, iPhone And iPad

The chatting and messaging has emerged as the most popular methods of the communication. The trend has seen the sharp uptrend mainly after the advent of the Smartphone in the market. The upcoming of the android has raised the popularity of the free chatting and messaging app throughout the world. The WhatsApp, a global chatting app, comes with vivid features that people love. But, this is not free at all. Users have to pay $0.99 after one year of free usage. So, that makes the app a bit boring as it is not totally free. Here are some of the best WhatsApp Alternatives that you can download in 2014.


Skype has not only made its global reputation, but also a fine brand recognition in the field of the online communication. The Skype app can be utilized as the alternative to the WhatsApp by the users. The first reason of its popularity is the cost. The app is totally free of cost and does not charge a single cent. Side by side, the app is fairly optimized for the video calling. The custom array of the smiley and cross platform compatibility for the android as well as the iOS version makes it in great demand. Finally, the app has already gained the popularity before in the field of the PC to PC and PC to mobile calls at the affordable rates.


Wickr presents a very new concept of the chatting. This is the app which not only provides the perfect way of communication, but also the guard to the privacy. The app is designed to destroy the messages as per the timer set by the sender, thus, making the chatting powered by the sender, instead of receiver. The message can be set for the timer ranging from a few seconds to the few days. When the timer goes off, the message will be automatically deleted from the phone.


The Kik has emerged as one of the most popular and strong rivals of the WhatsApp. The app is designed to send the text, snaps, video links from YouTube and group chat. The app is totally free and does not cost any subscription fee. The interface of the app is highly sophisticated and easy to understand at the first glance. The users need to create the account using their mobile phone number or the email address to prove the valid existence.


Like others, the Line has come up as the major alternative to the WhatsApp with millions of the subscribers worldwide. The popularity of the Line has grow very rapidly due to its simple interface and quick accessibility of the features. The app is designed for the cross platform access including the compatibility with iOS Android, Windows Phone and Blackberry. The app can be used for the text chatting, video calls, and audio calls to other Line subscribers on apt internet connection. The app is totally free of cost which makes it popular further.


Viber is very similar to the WhatsApp and giving a full completion on the global platform. The app is totally free of cost and is amiable for cross platform access including the iOS, Android, Windows phone, blackberry, Nokia and Bada. Simple interface, quick access features and millions of subscriber is what define the Viber.