3 Working Ways To Eliminate Cell Phone Distraction During The Meeting

With the changing technology, ways of communication has also been changed. And if talking about this wireless communication era, cell phones are the latest invention that they have made their own single stand but because of their multipurpose functionalities, All at one place facility, they have become the biggest distraction also.

Today cell phones have become our most prior need and why not ? music, games, fun applications, are always one touch away .We use it as our personal dairies to keep all our important notes,reminders to remind us main events. Surfing, mailing and to stay in touch with friends via social networking sites anywhere anytime, Cell phones are the best option.

All this, no doubt makes our lives and work much easier because of its versatile use, but at the same time the distraction which occurs can put our jobs and meetings in jeopardy.

We understand that its very important to keep people engaged in the meetings and at the same time there can be cell phone distractions during your meetings. So,don’t beat yourself up to too much, just keep on reading to find out 3 simple ways to avoid it.


Try to avoid so many meetings for every single work or information, have the one-on-one meetings, or get your team together over something fun(ex, retreats, go-carts, golf etc)

Keep this point in your mind that the word “meeting” is not as much important as compared to its “purpose” and “meaning”, i.e. to share the content interestingly in which is more important for the productivity.


Try to make the meetings shorter, more the span of meeting more will be the distractions. Also that it will not feel as a boring task. Only talk about the main points but also don’t stay away from the topic. In short, try to make it as a short, healthy and to-the-point conversation rather

then as to have a long discussions. That would in turn provide you more time to work in spite of “meetings”.


Don’t get completely rid of it. We can use cell phones as a medium to deliver the content using few applications, if required. Share all the relevant pictures and graphs where your co-workers can also put their thoughts. Because after all, we cannot completely deny to use tools of today’s era. If it is really necessary to use cell phones, then use it on vibration or silent mode.

Using the above 3 ways, you will surely enter into a new era of meetings, which will be without any kind of cell phone distractions, and which can make your meetings more healthier and more fruitful than before plus you can enjoy your work completely without having a single doubt of distraction of your cell phone. Hope you like our tips, Do share with us your reviews and comment below.