10 Resources For Learning Web Design & Development

If you are looking to be a programmer, then most may agree that website design and development is the easiest programming language to learn. It is called HTML, and creating a basic website is easier than creating even the simplest program with something such as Java or C++. Here are ten resources that will teach you how to make and develop your own website. They concentrate on teaching you about web programming or helping you to develop into a better web designer/developer. You can check out Intellipaat for learning and exploring great career opportunities.

1 – YouTube

There are videos on YouTube that will teach you to do just about anything (within reason). There are people who have posted tutorial videos about just about anything. Apart from people programming for Apple software and apps, the rest of the programming and developer community are very helpful. People post these videos in their own time for no reward at all.

Web development and design is not where these videos stop, you can learn how to sculpt, create 3D objects on your computer or animate on your computer. If you are looking for a good learning resource, you should really consider YouTube as your first stop. There are lots of different videos for people at different levels of knowledge, which means you have a nice range of choice.

2 – Skillfeed

This is a website that teaches you some of the technical side to web design and teaches you a little bit about the creative side of web design. You have to pay a monthly subscription to the website, but after that your learning runs at your own pace. How intensively you study depends upon yourself and your own work schedule.

3 – Coursera

This website allows you to take up a course that runs from five up to nineteen weeks. They cover a whole range of different technological subjects which include web design and coding. They have lessons that run on a regular basis and they give you assignments and weekly lessons. It is very good for students who want a bit more structure to their learning.

4 – Code School

This is a website that helps you to learn web coding by doing it. They have different courses you can take such as iOS, Ruby, HTML/CCS, JavaScript, etc. The courses are named paths, and you pick the path you want to follow. It takes you from being a very beginner to an intermediate. Many of the basic courses are free, but you have to pay for the more advanced lessons. It is a good website for getting a feel for web design, and advancing if you feel it is something you want to pursue.

5 – Udemy

This is a good website to try if you are just starting out within a technological area. It has lessons and courses on website design, along with a lot of related courses and technology based courses. They are not free, although there are a few freebie lessons here and there if you can find them.

6 – Treehouse

This website offers you a number of videos that walk you through the learning process. It has a rather big library of these videos that you can pick as you wish. They have videos on creating websites but have also branched out into other technical areas such as making apps, etc. you do have to pay a subscription to use the website, but it has over a thousand videos for you to choose from.

7 – Don’t Fear the Internet

This is a website for beginners. It gets you started on things such as HTML and CSS. It gives you all the basic skills need to create a website, which you may then expand upon as you wish. It was designed for people who have no programming or web design experience at all. They give you video lessons which are often easier than reading this sort of thing because you can follow the flow instead of skipping back from what you are doing to the text you are following.

8 – Udacity

There are a lot of lessons you can take up with this site, including web design and things such as HTML5. They have put a lot into the courses, and they are free. You are also able to take smaller lessons so that you do not have to absorb everything at once. You are able to try a lesson, practice what it has told you, and then take the next one. You can work at your own pace so it is not too intensive.

9 – P2PU’s School of Webcraft

This is a learning platform that is powered by the people using it. It is free to use and you can take classes and courses to grow your talents and learn new things. They have a basics course that you can take, but they also have more advanced lessons for if you want to learn PHP. It is also good for refreshing your knowledge if you have been away from web design for a while.

10 – Codecademy

This is a free website that allows you to interactively learn how to write web code. It caters for all levels of understanding, from beginners to the advanced. The interactive segments come after each lesson so that you can use what you have learned in order to retain your memory of it. It is a way of learning how to write web code whilst actually doing it.