10 Best Ways To Track And Find Your Lost Phone

Have you lost your mobile? Then don’t lose time. Here are some of the tricks to find your stolen phone.

1. IMEI number is the most useful weapon to find the stolen phone. First of all you have to get the IMEI number followed by the 15 number. That number will be found on the phone cover box and also on the bill. You can give that number to the [email protected]. They will find the mobile if it is in use.

2. Anti- virus acts as a weapon both in mobile and also for the thief. It protects the mobile from the virus and also acts as the tracker when it is lost. When we load an anti- virus it registers the IMEI no but this is out of knowledge to the thief. When he tries to make any change in the phone an E- mail will be sent to the owner’s mail account.

3. Mobile chase location tracker is another application to find your phone. The application checks when the thief changes the SIM and sends a message to your number with in five min. This kind of app is stored in the mobile. The SIM contains GPS location data and the current location code which will find the location of mobile.

4. Thief tracker is another good app used in most of the mobiles. If any changes to the mobile will take the picture of the thief. Make sure that your mobile should contain good HD quality of front camera. So that we can get good image.

5. Smart look takes the picture of the thief and also show the current location of the mobile by providing information to your E- mail ID. It contains GPS system which tracks the mobile by the help of Google map.

6. Find my phone is another app which connects the mobile in your family. Every movement of the phone can be tracked at any time by your family members. If your phone is lost than it can be tracked from you’re your family members.

7. Google latitude is another app which would help you to find the lost mobile. You have to download this app and install in your mobile. Google latitude always keeps in contact with the GPS system. And helps you to find your lost phone.

8. In database lost, stolen and found mobile helps to find the lost mobile. This is reported by public and found by public. In this the mobile contact no of buyer, resellers, insurers, law enforcement, and security professionals are registered. When thief makes any kind of change then the mobile of the all the registered number will get the information about the mobile.

9. Simple way is to register your complain to the cop with having perfect data. This is the easiest way and also helpful to a common person who doesn’t have idea about the technology.

10. At last move to plan B. Just download apps of ‘find my phone’. After this app is installed the GPS will show the location of the mobile. On every 10 min you will get a SMS of the location of the mobile.