8 Reasons Why Wooden Furniture Is Better Than Plastic

Furniture has a crucial role in beautifying your residential or commercial area. You need to consider plenty of factors while choosing the furnishings, for example, material, objective, place of use, size, total maintenance, reliability, and more.

In the olden days, almost all furniture was built out of wood. But, in the last few decades, plastic furniture has become pretty popular in many households. Currently, many people are coming back to using wooden furniture carved in various styles, sizes, colors, and designs. In addition to that, there are plenty of reasons why people are picking wooden furniture over plastic.

Top 8 Reasons Explaining Why Wooden Furniture Is Far Better Than Plastic

If you would like to shop for wooden furniture, it is best to check out kalustofurniture.co.uk, where a wide variety of stylish furniture made from different types of sustainable woods is available. Currently, the total number of people that are opting for wooden furniture is relatively high. Hence, we will talk about the top reasons why many people are choosing wooden furniture over plastic.

1. Wooden Furniture Is Environmentally Friendly

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Compared to plastic material, wooden furniture is far more environmentally friendly. Though wood is slashed from the trees, it will ultimately decompose and go back to the earth (by decaying itself and becoming food to several microorganisms). Besides that, wood is a renewable resource, which means that already used wood can generate back. Meanwhile, the plastic furniture will remain in the same soil for several years, which destroys the environment.

2. Wooden Furniture Is More Durable

While purchasing any furniture, everyone will choose the piece that is strong enough to resist strenuous use. Of course, nobody likes to spend money on furniture that might break or have dents after a few days. The plastic furniture is most likely to have pits and fall apart in the initial weeks itself.

However, wooden furniture is very durable and would not break easily. In addition to that, wood has a resilient factor, and the wooden furniture can resist heavy force. If you go to museums, old furniture galleries, or auctions, you can see several wooden pieces of furniture, which were made various centuries ago but still in perfect condition.

3. Wooden Furniture Lasts Longer

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Indeed wood is a durable, robust, and long-lasting material. Plus, you can see a lot of trees that are centuries old, which are still growing strong and bulky. Regardless of whether you select wooden furniture made of softwood (celery top pine, hoop pine, pinus radiata) or hardwood (black wood, Australian oak, jarrah), they are reliable and last for a long time.

However, several pieces of plastic furniture could not even last for one year, making your purchase a waste. Hence, choosing wooden furniture that lasts longer is far better than plastic ones.

4. Wooden Furniture Is Elegant And Adds More Beauty

Here is one of the most common factors why people choose wooden furniture rather than plastic ones. Generally, wooden furniture is primarily prominent for its elegance. Beautifully carved wooden furniture with artistic designs, shapes, and structures will enrich the beauty of your home or office. The furniture prepared from mahogany and teak wood looks incredibly perfect in your home.

The plastic furniture looks relatively simple and cheap. Sometimes, this plastic furniture will reduce the aesthetic of your home. However, even a tiny piece of wood furniture will give your house a better look because of its natural finish.

5. Wooden Furniture Means Zero Waste

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In general, during the making procedure, some parts of the plastic mold or other components would be left alone. Besides that, if plastic furniture is dented, it can not be used again. Coming to the wooden furniture, the by-products from every phase of the production procedure can be used again. For example, if large chunks of wood are left, it is easy to make small pieces of decor using them.

Due to that, using wooden furniture is sustainable and ensures a zero-waste policy. In addition to that, wood, being an organic substance, has a higher capacity for re-use and recycling over many plastics.

6. Wooden Furniture Is Modifiable

Here is another primary reason why many people tend to choose wooden furniture rather than plastic ones. The charm of wooden furniture is that you can modify the same wood many times. For instance, let’s say that a wooden table is broken, and using that broken furniture, a professional can make small home decor pieces, board games, legs for new chairs, and many more.

With plastic furniture, you can not modify it into any shape or other objects. For wood, you can ask a professional to revise a long wooden dining table into a short bed table. Hence, considering the modifying features of the wood, wooden furniture is far much better than plastic furniture.

7. Wooden Furniture Is Cheaper In Long-term Expenses

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Though plastic furniture is available at a cheaper price, it would not last for a longer period. Hence, if that plastic furniture is broken after a year, you will need to purchase it again. However, wooden furniture would not break away even after several years of use, so you do not need to spend money on it every year.

8. Wooden Furniture Is Available In A Variety Of Choices

Different types of wood from various trees are used to make wooden furniture, for example, Mahogany, Indian rosewood, White cedarwood, Sal wood, Walnut, Oak, Maple, Birch, Pine, Cherry, Bamboo, and many more. All these trees produce wood in several colors and tones. Due to that, a lot of varieties of wooden furniture are available in different looks and designs.

Sometimes, it is possible to make wooden furniture from two or more different woods that have similar grains, textures, and complexions. However, there are no variations in plastic except the change in colors. Thus, the maximum number of people opt for wooden furniture over plastic furniture.


Finally, we tried to incorporate all the essential reasons why people would like to select wooden furniture rather than furniture made of plastic substances. Considering all the above-detailed information, it is clear why wooden furniture is much better than plastic ones.