8 Possible Reasons Why Your TV is Not Picking Up Channels

If you are a person who has formed your relaxation periods to be related to watching tv, you have noticed how sometimes your tv is not picking up channels. That is causing a disturbance in your relaxing time, and that can be frustrating.

The reasons why these things happen can be various. They are coming from problems with connection to forgetting to search for programs occasionally. Also, they can be as simple as not turning to the correct jack in the source menu.

To understand where your problems might be coming from, it is advisable to learn about as many issues as you can. That way, when something happens, you will know to detect the issue and have it solved quickly.

We have made this article to present some of the possible causes why your tv is not picking up channels. Knowing as many of these causes, and normally how to fix them, will help you to come back to your comfortable place, and keep on watching your dearest programs.

Not being on the correct source

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If you have seen the back of the tv, you can see that there are many inputs that you can sometimes use. Some of them are already occupied by the receiver. When you turn your tv off, or if someone touches your remote, they might change the source of the signal. For example, instead of being on the first HDMI jack, they have moved it on the third one, and you normally don’t get any channels.

You can check whether this is the problem easily. Find the button on your remote where it says source or input. You open up that menu, and you change to another source.

In case you are not sure which port you are in, you can either have a look behind or just try them all and remember it for the next similar situation.

The box is not turned on

Sometimes we do not notice that the box is turned off, and we wonder why do we have no programs. You start to get mad and end up taking up a glance at the indicators on the receiver to see that it is not working.

You should basically hope that this is the only problem because it is the easiest one to be solved, all you have to do is to start it up, and enjoy your favorite programs.

Cables might be disconnected

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Another cause to be with a tv that is not picking up the channel is the cables. Everything is connected using them, so pulling the box while cleaning, or doing another activity near them can unplug them.

The solution is basically pretty straightforward, all you have to do is to realize that the issue is there, and plug them in again. While you are doing that, you can inspect them to see whether they are damaged, or have been just pulled out.

You have forgotten to search for programs

From time to time, a new search for programs should be performed. This is important because of certain updates, the receiver stop working with the previous programs and you have to scan for them again.

To perform this, you should turn the box off, and unplug the cables from behind. Power on your tv, and perform this scan. After it is done, you connect everything back together and power up the receiver. You run another scan, and the programs should all appear.

The trouble with the equipment

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One of the most common causes, why your tv is not picking up any programs, is because of trouble with your equipment. Depending on the type of television you are using, the equipment is different.

Firstly, the receiver may malfunction, and it will not be able to translate the frequencies into an image and sound.

Secondly, if you are using an antenna, it may not work because you have placed it near a material that is causing problems with getting the signal. Not having a clear path between your aerial and the emitting tower or the satellite will result in a bad quality image, or not having any channels.

Even if all of the other components work, and one is being faulty, you will not get any channels, and you will have to find a replacement.

Mispositioned aerial

To have a functioning TV system, if you are using the sources where an antenna is required, you will have to position it well. Firstly, the mounting should be in the highest place that you can reach. If you are allowed on the roof, that is the best placement. If not, the terrace should be efficient. Additionally, you can use aerials meant for inside installation but make sure that you place them near your windows to get a better signal.

Other than just mounting in on the highest place you can reach, it is important to direct the aerial on the source. If you happen to use a satellite tv, you should point your aerial directly on the satellite emitting the signals.

If you cannot seem to set up the aerial for the best placement, it might be a good idea to hire a professional to do it for you as suggested by tvaerialinstaller.co.uk.

Damaged wires

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One of the things that many people forget about is the wires. Since they connect everything, if they become damaged, you will have issues.

Usually, they are damaged on the parts that are outside, whether connected in the aerial, or just a cable coming for the cable tv. Because of the conditions, and the weather changes, they can be damaged.

To see whether you have an issue with that, you will have to inspect them. However, if you have placed the aerial somewhere high, it is too risky just to see whether the problem is in them.

Use the professionals

If you are not able to detect why are you having this issue where your tv is not picking up channels, you should use the help of professionals. That way, you will not have to do anything risky, because they have been working on this for a long time, and they are doing that effortlessly.