What Would Smartphones Look Like In The Future?

Smartphones have come a long way over the past decade. The hardware has matured excessively and the software is has become sophisticated with regular updates and a plethora of user-friendly features. The number of users is so huge that a healthy chunk of the internet traffic comes from smartphones. It has become a necessity. Companies are investing billions into further research and every company wants to introduce something revolutionary to gain market and leave its competitors behind. Here is what we think future smartphones will offer.

No more ports

The market trends have been moving away from wired technologies for some years now. Major market players such as Apple and Samsung have put in continued efforts to introduce wireless charging and audio devices with their smartphones. But right now, this technology is mainly limited to the premium segment or the flagship smartphones. With time, we can expect this technology to get cheaper and be introduced into all segments. Future smartphones may not have any ports and may work entirely on wireless technology.

Foldable Technology

Why many industry giants such as Samsung and Motorola have already introduced foldable smartphones, durability has been an issue and screen cracking has been a common problem. But with the rapid advances in display technologies, we think that by the end of the decade, foldable smartphones would be all over the market. Maybe we would even wrap these smartphones around our wrists as bracelets. It’s not easy to say how sophisticated the technology will become but it is a surety that foldable technology will revolutionize the future of smartphones.

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality

AR and VR are truly fascinating subjects. The mobile industry has been trying to incorporate these technologies to revolutionize the mobile user experience. But currently, we would only see VR at an introductory stage rolled out through devices such as Google Cardboard. And AR is just a camera tool currently. But if applied properly, these technologies can change anything. You might be able to see the world without going out of your room. And the best part is that the cheap price point of Google Cardboard confirms that this technology may be extremely affordable.

Mobile Assistants

When we talk of Mobile assistants, Alexa, Siri and Google Assistant would be the names that generally pop in your head. These are new AI integrated assistants that are already taking the market by storm. But what we see now may be nothing compared to the potential of these assistants. It would be interesting to see when these assistants mature into more functional assistants capable of managing whole schedules of users and help out with real-world tasks.

Eco-Friendly smartphones

Smartphone waste is a huge source of non-degradable waste in the world. With an increase in activism linked to climate control and major environmental commitments from industry giants, the focus has now shifted to production of more eco-friendly smartphones. These may be devices made out of degradable plastics and also from recycled smartphones. We think this may require more research but its safe to say that it is a growing area of focus across the smartphone industry.