Travel in Retirement

Travel in Retirement: Finding Your Home Away From Home

As retirement age approaches, lots of people look forward to the free time and resources to travel more. To that end, with careful planning retirement can offer the flexibility to split time between multiple “home bases” in various locations both around the US and abroad.

Establishing this seasonal rotation lets retirees enjoy the best of what each place offers.

Choosing Travel Destinations

Choosing Travel Destinations

A couple of popular retirement travel spots in the US are Florida and Arizona, mainly for the warm climate but also for the active retirement communities.

Conversely, international favorites such as Costa Rica, Mexico, and Panama offer beautiful scenery, great cultural, and a quite favorable tax regime.

Wherever retirees choose to settle down on a part-time basis, priorities for choosing the right destination often include reasonable cost of living, access to healthcare, safety, and maybe more importantly, an opportunity to enjoy hobbies like golf and fishing.

Luxury Home Away From Home: Houston

Luxury Home Away From Home

According to the good folk at Jamestown Estate Homes, Houston in Texas has emerged as an under-the-radar option for luxury living at affordable prices.

The metro area offers top healthcare facilities including Houston Methodist, Memorial Hermann, and UTHealth hospitals. Retirees can enjoy top cuisine, museums, theater, and an eclectic mix of neighborhoods, with luxury homes in Houston ranging from high-rise condominiums to single-family homes on spacious lots.

Compared to other major US cities, Houston boasts an excellent climate, no state income tax, and exceptional overall value.

The Logistics of Seasonal Relocation

Financial Planning

Maintaining multiple part-time residences does need some additional logistics when compared to living in one, permanent home. It does help to be organized, detail-oriented, and willing to put systems in place.

Some essential considerations when establishing a dual- or multi-locale lifestyle are:

  • Financial PlanningCalculate increased living expenses, travel costs, taxes, and healthcare. Factor in things like the housing budgets for each location and work out a retirement income strategy to help fund your ideal lifestyle.
  • Legal Affairs – Establish durable power of attorney, update estate planning documents, change voter registration/driver’s licenses as applicable. Review visa and residency requirements when it comes to international destinations.
  • Home Maintenance Coordination – Identify any seasonal upkeep required and arrange for home watch services during absences. Create a manual to include any home systems and preferred vendors, and det up automated payments for utilities and services.
  • Transferring Possessions – Determine what will stay at each location, what will travel back and forth, storage solutions as needed. Accurate packing lists and shipment schedules can help simplify transitions.

Lifestyle adjustments are also necessary when it comes to splitting time between locations. Some people adapt by embracing minimalism while others prefer to fully furnish each residence as a comfortable second home.

Figuring out the best way to transition smoothly a few times a year takes some experimentation.

Maintaining Traveling in Retirement

Community Ties

While exciting to spend extended time exploring new places, one challenge retirees face is missing events and gatherings back in their permanent home communities.

Long-term friends and family relationships can inadvertently become strained without conscious effort. Retirees seeking seasonal variety in their golden years should prioritize keeping community connections alive.

Modern technology makes it easier through video calls, social media, and photo sharing. Travelers can share highlights and trip photos to keep loved ones updated and foster meaningful conversations.

They can also get involved in community organizations and charitable activities at each seasonal destination.


Traveling in Retirement

Retirement freedom means having options. This includes being able to divide time between several home bases that each offer their own appealing lifestyle.

From urban living to beach resorts and everything in between, travelers can adapt a retirement map to match their passions. Convenient flight connections make it possible to enjoy the best of all worlds.

With careful preparation, finding your ideal retirement home away from home can turn the travels you’ve dreamed about into reality.