3 Tips For Mixing Different Cannabis

If you are interested in smoking cannabis or consuming it in any other way, it is important to know that there are different strains. Each strain will have unique features, strength, smell, color, and other characteristics. The amount of THC and CBD is also very important, and it will help you choose the right sort according to your preferences. If you are interested in premium quality, check out the dolato strain.

Moreover, it is common that people are mixing different strains to achieve improved features. However, that will require more knowledge and experience. Here are some tips that will help you mix different types of cannabis in the right way.

1. Follow Your Preferences

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The goal is to achieve something special with the combination of different strains, such as a better aroma taken from one sort and a higher amount of THC from another, which will blend into a perfect mixture for a joint, vape, bong, or edible.

Therefore, it is crucial to learn more about the features and effects of different strains to know which one are best to combine. In addition, you need more experience to avoid mistakes where you won’t be satisfied with the results. Or even face more side-effects, which can be the case if you mix a couple of strains that are too strong.

2. Focus on a Certain Feature

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As mentioned, the goal is to choose a certain characteristic of one strain and improve other features by adding a different sort. However, it can be challenging if you need more clarification about the main features of the starting sort.

In that matter, it is much safer if you start with a combination of sorts that have more CBD and less THC so that you can avoid a too strong mixture that will cause a lot of side-effects, and won’t be satisfying in any way.

3. Start With Only a Couple of Strains

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The process of finding the right combination according to your preferences is not simple. You will have to spend some time researching. In that matter, the most efficient approach would be to start with two or three different sorts, and then combining them to see the results. Also, there is no reason to put bigger amount in the mix. That will help you avoid mistakes where you will waste a lot of weed.

Before you combining two strains, it is crucial to test both of them separately so that you can be aware of the effects and other features. As we already mentioned, mixing two sorts that have a higher amount of THC won’t be the best experience.

Also, mixing does not always mean that you have to use 50% of both types. You can choose a more modest type and then add 30% of some stronger sort into the mix. That is the perfect first step of your research with the goal of finding the best combination of strains for your preferences. Also, be sure to always choose high-quality strains grew on organic farms.