Things to Expect From the Gaming Industry in the Next 10 Years

We’ve all witnessed the development of the gaming industry in the past decade, and things that we were not even able to imagine 10 years ago, are available for everyone now. When we compare how this field has advanced over the decades, we can notice that every year there are bigger, better, and more advanced things. Starting from the VR experiences, up to mind-blowing graphics, and even better lore in every game we play, we know that the things that follow are going to be larger than life. If you have wondered what you should look forward to, you’ve come to the right place. Keep on reading to find out some of the things that you should expect from the gaming industry in the next years.

Ultra-realistic graphics

We are already acquainted with some awesome graphics, and nowadays, we can feel that we are part of the game when we enter the lore. We don’t have to deal with pixels or characters that look more like boxes than humans. This has improved the overall experience every gamer has, and we can feel better about the play we are exploring.

Experts suggest that in the upcoming years we can expect a combination of augmented and virtual reality and that we will be faced with some ultra-realistic graphics that will make the games more advanced and overall better. This will not be only about the characters and how we perceive them, but the whole story and the way that the play looks.

The games are going to become far more competitive and the quests that we have are going to change as the graphics evolve. We will be able to pay far more attention to detail in everything we do, and with that, there are going to be better and harder challenges.

Currently, the main reason why this is not widely explored is because of the price of the hardware, and everyone who’s tried to use AR or VR knows how much they need to invest to get the gadgets needed for the practice. As technology advances, and as it changes, we will be able to afford these items without having to pay too much for them. Because of this, the items and the hardware is going to be more accessible for every player in the world, and even though it will never be a bargain, it will still be something that most players can afford.

Improved experience


We all know how important the audio quality of the games is, and we are also aware that when we have the proper AV systems, we are able to delve deeper into the play and enjoy it to the maximum. Nowadays, we already have some amazing gadgets that we can utilize, starting from the 3D mice that you can just strap on your hand and fully control by your voice or gestures, up to gaming vests that come equipped with speakers and add to the sensation, we are able to enter the future even now.

It is said that in the upcoming years, we will be able to experience even better and more revolutionized products that will add to the feel and that will make our experience even better. To get prepared for the upcoming trends, you should start exploring gadgets and devices even now, and become a part of the advancement.

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Cloud gaming

Nowadays, most of the time we need some sort of special console or software to be able to access our favorite plays, but it is expected that in the future we will be able to access everything without having to download, purchase, or install anything. Even though this is a practice for some plays these days, it is still pretty rare, and more often than not, some type of software is needed.

The main issue with this is the RAM that our devices have and the fact that some of the plays can be dozens of gigabytes large. Not everyone has a device that can support that, and when we are bound to keep data that is too large for our console, that leads to the game or the console crashing. When we remove this issue from the equation, we are left with free plays that don’t require any space. It is said that they will function in a similar way as streaming platforms, and we will be able to access everything from one place without having to store almost any data.

Artificial intelligence


We have already entered the AI world, and we can already feel some of the perks that come with it, but it is said that this is just one small part of what we can expect. For example, we all know that there are bots in every single play, and even if you are playing multiplayer games, and if you think that you are only surrounding yourself with real people behind the characters, chances are, some of them are bots.

So, in the next few years, up to a decade, experts suggest that we are going to see a huge change in how things are done and perceived, and we won’t be able to notice them and know that we are dealing with bots. We will have full interactions with artificial intelligence, and we will be in touch with extremely sophisticated technology. How this is going to advance and what level it is going to reach is still unknown, but there are a lot of rumors that some of the largest gaming companies have some brilliant cards up their sleeves.

This is just a fraction of all the things that are going to follow, and as you can imagine, the largest gaming corporations are not ready to reveal all of their secrets. We can just continue to speculate, guess, and hope about what is going to happen, but one thing is for sure – the things that follow are going to be grand. It is up to us to wait and see what types of worlds we can enter, and for now, we can continue enjoying the gadgets and items that we have at our disposal.